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    Greetings all.

    I have been training on and off for a while, so am fairly aquainted with the iron lifestyle.

    Anyway, my aim, as my title says, is to get fucking HENCH without any needless restriction, which is why I placed my log under general training - I don't need any really stringent routines or guidelines to get where I want.

    And i've decided that I don't even like squatting that much, which is why i'm going to cut back and do it 'every other day'.

    I will train what I want, when I want and will use more than 3-4 exercises.

    My primary aim is to develop a balanced muscular, athletic, fit physqiue with raw strength, power and explosivenss whilst keeping my bodyfat between 10-15% at all times.

    That's why i'm going to focus on the big lifts, plyos and HIIT.

    That being said, I do enjoy loading up on No2 and blasting my pecs from time to time so EZ bars and cables are not entirely out of the question.


    Just over 80kg

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    It's 1:30am and i've been training for five days in a row yet i'm still full of energy. So much in fact that I just decided to do some push ups.

    70 push ups.
    Not bad considering I trained chest this afternoon and on Saturday. I'm going to leave it at that though, want to serve some energy as I might do some dead lifting tomorrow.

    Though I think I may go for a walk/run around the block right now.

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    Came across this thing on another site called the 'dead lift challenge' where a user posted a video of themselves dead-lifting at 80kg for as many times as they could and challenged people to beat it. Thought I might give it a shot:

    Did two warm up sets -

    40kg 1x8
    60kg 1x5

    I managed 80kg for a grand total of 22 reps. I didn't beat the challengers 36 reps, but they were bigger than me and looked like they had been training a while (This is assuming they were natural) so I didn't care.

    It was touch and go, but the person in the video used the same style.

    I was still extremely pleased with my reps and looking around the gym people were taken a back, I even caught the eye of one the hot personal trainers.

    Though I am a little annoyed about doing the warm up. If I hadn't I could've definitely squeezed out a few more working reps.

    Took a ten minute breather cause I thought I would pass out, then thought I might as well test my chin and dip maxes at bodyweight while i'm there.

    Managed 13 strict chin ups.
    21 dips, but only after a few 'warm up' sets. I don't know why but my dips always suck on the first few sets. And then suddenly I will manage twice as many. Weird, I never have this problem with chins.

    Might try out my pull up max next time i'm at the gym.

    Finished off with some bicep curls.

    All in all, a good work out. I am extremely pleased with my progress.
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