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    This is going to be a compilation of my experience using Starting Strength & Never Gymless and doing/competing in boxing. I'm going to use SS for three months to get my core strength up to scratch then switch over to a more boxing oriented routine called Never Gymless. It's focused on bodyweight exercises and conditioning work, I'll probably incorporate barbell lifts into it as well.

    I've trained a little in boxing before but never anything intensive. This time around I'm going to be training with the intention of entering an amateur fight but it might be a while before that happens. I'm going to be balancing boxing, training, studies and work which will be interesting. This log might turn into a daily vent/rant log... sorry

    Age - 22
    Weight - 75kgs (165lbs)
    Height - 6'2" (188cms)

    Hopefully this log will help keep me motivated and in turn provide valuable info. to someone else who might be thinking of doing something similar. I'll work on getting some 1RM up so I can track progress.

    Thanks for reading.

    First day is on Monday 29/11/2010.

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    Day 1 of SS and I've fucked my back before I could even start. I knew I should of done the workout in the morning. I'm off for a week (prescribed by the doctor).

    SO FUCKING FUCKED! This is definately going to be my vent log.

    On a good note, I've found a site dedicated towards boxing strength and conditioning. I'm going to use this week productively and research the crap out of it all.


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