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    Hello goodlooking, what's you got cooking?

    Ehm, ok. I'll keep it short, since nobody will read or comment anyway, this is solely to have a bit more pressure to do the work outs!

    Goals: (max)
    Squat: 150kg - current 90-100
    DL: 200kg - current 120-130
    Bench: 100 - current 70-80
    Press: 80 - current 50-55
    Clean: 80kg - current: ? Never tried to max, only been above 55kg, for reps.
    Pullups: 20 with BW - current: 7-10
    Pushups: 40 with BW - current: 15-30 (havent done a single one since I left the army ^^)
    Cardio: 3km in <11 minutes
    (72% to the 1000lbs on the 3 big lifts)
    Look good all the time, get rid of the beer belly

    Be better at BJJ/MMA
    Look better (hunk style)
    Ask people who bench more than me, how much they DL, and laugh.

    Basically, I'll start like this:

    Day A:
    Squat: 5x3
    Press: 5x3
    Deads: 5x1
    Biceps: 8-12x2

    Day B:
    Squat: 5x3
    Bench: 5x3
    Rows: 5x3
    Triceps: 8-12x2

    Also, BJJ 1 hour on M, W, F, and maybe I'll join some more classes. Will see about running to, the BJJ isn't that taxing recovery vice.

    Since I live in a cheap country, with cheap rent, I can eat good (as in good for lifting and good for the mouth) for the first time since I moved out. Basics:
    Fruit/Veggies: 5 a day, go for 3 veggies, 2 fruits.
    Only candy on Saturdays, eat good before parties so I won't need to snack, drink less beer, i.e. don't get way too drunk. Allowed one light party day and one real party day pr. week.
    Make good dinners, and take them to school.
    Avoid fast carbs, more proteins.
    Count my cals
    Sleep: Be in bed around 11, pref before.

    Blabla excuses: I'll try to PC when there is room in the gym, if not i'll do rows. I train in a small, but very cheap gym (20-30$ per YEAR!), with bent bars, 2 benches, 1 fucked up squat rack, weird plates and equipment from the cold war. But it's cheap, and close.

    First session:
    Thursday 14th Jan:
    Squats: Worked up to 65 kg with 5kg jumps, first workout in over a month. Felt good, but forgot my shoes
    Press: Did 5x2 with 40kg, was heavier than expected.
    DB curls: 8x1 with 12kgs, lol.

    Next session will be on Tuesday the 18th. Fun stuff!

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    Whoo, great to get my second workout.

    Squats: 3x5 70kg => 2,5kg increments form now on. Went easy
    Bench: 3x5 60kg => Pretty easy.
    Pullups: 7-5-3 (Close - wide - sideclose). My gym doesnt have a pull up bar. Had to do them in a easy pull machine or whatever. Will try to go for rack or smith machine next.
    Lying dumbbell scullcrushers: 2x8 12kg.

    Forgot to bring a t-shirt to workout with, so had to use my singlet/wife beater. Felt stupid, esp. while doing the crushers, in a wifebiter. Gaah.
    Workout went great. Food;
    Skyr, sandwich with ham - salad - dressing and skyr drink, lasagne - apple juice, workout, proteindrink, beef - potato - salad.

    Need to eat more veggies. Will buy carrots and stock on them. Tasty, healthy, and cheap. Think i'll buy some creatine to, just to feel more like a stupid BBer =)

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    Oops, forgot to update.

    Squats: 5x3 72,5
    Press: 5x3 40 kg
    Deads: 5x1 80kg
    Curl: 8x1 12kg

    Squat: 5x3 75kg Som slight hipmovement to the side, need to focus.
    Bench: 5x3 62,5
    Barbell rows: 5x3 50kg Woah, my back was so sore...
    Forgot to do pullups =D
    Triceps: 8x2 14kg.

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    24. 01:
    Squats: 77,5
    Press: 40kg 5x3 (so heavy with a bent bar..)
    Deads: 85
    Curl: 14kgx8, 12kg x8

    Had to take a break due to elbow pain.
    Squats: 5x3 77,5
    Bench: 60kg
    Barbell rows: 50kg Way better form
    Pullups: 7
    Triceps, downpull: 20lbs 8x2

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    Squats: 80kg 3x5
    Press: 42,5 Woah, heavy, even with a straight bar. Maybe it wasnt the bar after all
    Deads: 90kg Ok
    Curl: 14kg x8, 12kgx8

    Hehe, took the straight bar from the bench rack and put it into the very shaky squat rack. I'm going to low on my squats.
    Will stall soon, not unexpected since I'm on a calories negative. (Haha, for the first time in my life I'm trying to loose weight. I don't even what the opposite of calorie surplus is..)

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    starting strength coach development program
    It's good to see you logging Eirike. Are you still in Iceland? Where are you training?


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