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    I need some speed. I feel like my absolute strength is pretty good for my sport (boxing) but I could definately now use some speed and increased power. I have just got done doing ss and gained 25 pounds from gomad and now plan to cut the gomad and change my program. I will be doing plyometrics on saturday and monday and then a SS type template on tuesdays and thursday.
    For right now I will do a ligth squat on tuesday with the deadlift and a maintenance weight of where I currently am on thursday for the squat. The only lift Ill be trying to increase is my deadlift as I haven't met my deadlift goal yet but i really want to make sure im not over working my self.
    I have selected between 8-12 plyo exercises to incorporate into the program depending on the week in the program and I will be splitting the exercises between the two plyo days so between 4 and 6 exercises.
    I will actually post my first entry tomorrow. I think today I will test my 40 meter time, svj, and t-test time so i have some sort of baseline to see if im making progress.
    I intend to slightly decrease my calories as well so i can get into the 150 range by december which shouldnt be hard. Ill be weighing myself once a week and logging that as well.
    current stats:
    bw 175, 5'7"
    squat: 260x7
    DL: 285x5
    press: 115x5
    bench: 190x5
    clean: 135x3
    40 meter: cant find stop watch will update when i do
    svj: 28"(7/15/2011)
    t-test time:cant find stop watch will update when i do

    (will enter the missing values once i test them)
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    slackin already. not following the plan. went swimming yesterday instead of testing myself and starting with my plyo workouts. got real sunburnt so decided against doing squats and cleans today.
    185x5x2 (still felt like i wasnt warmed up)
    315xfail couldnt grip the weight even with alternating grip. feeling a little like a bitchtoday. was able to do 285x5 10 days ago. guess its what happens when you stop training even for a little while.
    225x1x7 held at the top of each rep until grip started to fail and then waited 1 minute between
    135 one armed DL for two reps on right failed after first rep on left arm.

    Dumbbell Shrug:

    Cable Y's:


    Pullups:My hands and forearms seem like they got a pretty tough work out. I think I may incorporate some sort of direct forearm work to try and fix this issue. A reset on the DL might fix the problem.

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    again not quite doing the program even one which I have decided is best for me. Today it was mostly because a lack of time as the gym was closing 30 after getting there. I wont be logging all of my warmup

    Squats(high bar):
    105x5,5,3 think i missed it because of one minute breaks between sets.

    earlier today I thought I was not going to be able to get to the gym so I did some other stuff as well;
    Jump rope 3:00 min roundsx5
    Depth Jumps:
    (about) 18"x3
    I was able to jump almost 14" inches further by the end of the jumps from my original marker on the ground from my first jump from the ground only with counter-movement. its crazy what a little difference in form can make. Looking forward to Saturdays workout. I hope I dont get too burned out I've been managing to limit myself to an average of ~2200 cal a day for the last three days and plan to keep it up for a while, I need to get to 154. Current BW 175 as of last Saturday. I will weigh every Saturday to see how well that front is going.

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    Still not quite with the plan. I guess I will count Monday as my first day actually following the plan. Todays BW 171.5, have to say it was a little lower than I expected but Im certainly not complaining as I would hope Im not feeling like im starving for no reason.
    Rowing machine:
    3 minutes/700 meters

    High Pulls


    Running at 12mph 4% grade 3x of 30 seconds each over about 9 minutes.


    Have not done this yet but will after 9pm:

    Pogo Jumps:
    bwx 10,10,10

    Squat Jumps:
    bwx 4,4

    Kip Ups:
    BWx 2,2,2,2

    Star Jumps:
    bwx 6,6

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    In case anyones wondering whether or not I expect optimal results for strength or power: the answer is no my primary concern is weight loss to get to my weight class. I hope to maintain absolute strength but I consider a small loss a drop in the bucket when it comes to sport performance. Little progress on the plyos and presentation of speed and power is also acceptable. I do however expect to make some gains in the way of my vertical and speed as I will be hopefully moving less stuff through space and I haven't trained this spectrum of my physical abilities in a long time and hope to get some efficiency gains.
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    Ive been shocked at how tiring a small amount of plyos is when its new to your program. It probably has something to do with the reduced calories as well. I feel like Im always thinking about food. Sure am grateful I dont live in a third world country.
    Fast Skipping:
    Ankle Flips:

    I did a little more than this mostly because the coordination of the movements was a little sloppy and I thought I could use the practice. With weigths you can't really just pusss out once your under the bar. With plyos I really need to check myslef to make sure I am giving maximal efforts because I can just go through the motions, I dont think that will be of too much use. Hope this works, I sure feel like an idiot dancing around.

    Saturdays workout left me feelling pretty beat up Sunday and even a little Yesterday from using the weights at 60% for speed sets and then doing the plyos later on. Hope todays workout goes well. I am going to to enter in my workout for tonight as I probably wont have the opportunity to get around to this later. Ill edit it if I miss anything which I shouldn't.


    Jump rope 2 minute rounds x 5


    Probably go for a walk sometime earlier on as well between the AM and PM Activities
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    I was still a little sore today even after warming up but the workout still went well.



    left keys at school gym went back and did(20 minutes later):

    Power cleans

    went a little crazy on the power cleans but I really would like to learn how to do them better.
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    starting strength coach development program
    So I averaged out my calorie intake over the last 12 days and its about 2400/day I would guesstimate there is probably 10-15% error discrepancy but since the labeling on food has about the same amount of discrepancy I feel like im being accurate enough.
    AM workout :
    2.3 miles, 20 minutes, 3 degree incline
    5 minutes stair stepper
    1300 meter row
    walk 3 minutes
    pullups to failure (really wished I would have counted Im guessing upwards of 20-25)

    Guess the weight loss is helping with doing more pull ups.

    This will be my workout for later, the first workout is just so I can use the scale at the gym get a little activity while I am there.

    PM Workout:
    Pogo Jump 3x10
    Squat Jump 2x6
    Kip up 4x2
    Star Jump 2x6
    Over Head Throws 2x4

    Todays BW 168.7 down 2.8 from last week and this was after a meal and quite a bit of water so I am happy about how this is going. The dieting is getting easier same as gaining the weight seem to get easier after about two weeks or so as well. 6.3 down 14.7 to go.
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