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    I've decided to move my log over here from The moderation of personal logs has gotten irritating. Plus, accessing these forums from my phone (which is how I mostly access them) is much easier. I've also decided to go ahead and copy all the workouts from the old log, just to have everything in one place.

    From old log:

    Background: Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for awhile and have finally decided to start a log. A little about me... I'm 28 years old and live in Southaven, MS, which is just outside of Memphis, TN. I was in the USMC Reserves and was deployed in late 2007. At the time, I was a weak, fat 230 lbs. I got into crossfit on the deployment and got down to about 195 pounds. I will still pretty weak though. I bought Starting Strength and tried to do it on the deployment, but I was still doing WOD's, so I never got much out of it. After I got back home, I got a job as a cop. I continued half-assedly doing crossfit at my house for the next year or so. Last summer, I decided I wanted to run the St. Jude Marathon. I ran a lot and lost what little muscle I had acquired through crossfit. After a disappointing finish at the marathon (I was 10 minutes shy of reaching my goal of 4 hours), I decided that I wanted to just shelve any type of cardio for awhile and just get strong. I started SS back in December of 2010. When I first started, my knees were so shot that I could barely even do a squat with an empty bar. My starting weights were as follows:

    Squat: 115
    Bench: 115
    Press: 85
    Deadlift: 185

    Current Plan: After about a month of SS, I ran into this website and saw the Greyskull LP. I decided that squatting only twice per week and finishing each movement with an AMRAP set sounded like a better long term approach. I started Greyskull LP on January 10. So far, I have been extremely happy with the program. I haven't had to reset any lifts yet, and squatting only twice per week makes a world of difference on how my body feels. I also started frequency method chin-ups at 5 reps. I started doing straight barbell curls, but I've been experiencing some tendinitis in my right elbow. I don't know if it is from frequency pull-ups, straight bar curls, or Rip-style-narrow-grip-elbows-up squats (as JP suggested in another post). I'm experimenting with all 3 trying to determine the culprit.

    Equipment: Right now, I'm working out in my backyard. I have a bench, an olympic bar, a Stud Bar pull-up bar, 1 & 1.5 pood KB's, rings, and some squat racks that I made out of 2x4's, 5 gallon buckets, and some quick-crete. I recently purchased an Elite FTS economy belt, and that has made a huge improvement in my squats. I purchased the neck harness from Elite as well, but it is backordered, so I haven't been doing those yet. For shoes, I'm just using Chuck's for now, but hoping to get some lifting shoes soon.

    Nutrition: As of right now, it is complete fucking garbage. I started my lifting in December weighing 199 lbs. I have a naturally large frame, so that weight wasn't particularly muscular or fat for me. I started drinking about a half gallon of whole milk per day and just eating whatever. As a cop, I get free Sonic, McDonald's, Taco Bell, and half price at a lot of other fast food places. I work 12 hour shifts from 7pm-7am, and if I get hungry past midnight, it usually means McDonalds or Krystal. Luckily, my body has been pretty forgiving. I'm currently 220-225 lbs and haven't gained too much fat while getting a lot stronger. As far as supplements go, I've been drinking 1-2 protein shakes/day along with 5 mg creatine/day. That's about it besides fish oil, glucosamine, multi-vitamin, and melatonin at bed time. I'm wanting to try to get up to 300g of protein/day, which is surprisingly hard to do.

    Where am I now?: I have been going for 2 months now without any resets. My most recent lifts have been:
    Squat: 245 x 5,5,7
    Bench: 200 x 5,5,9
    Press: 130 x 5,5,9
    Deadlift: 280 x 5
    Curls: 70x 12,12
    FM chins: 8

    Goals: My long term goal is to hit 500/400/300/200. I also plan on starting work towards VC1 this week and will probably start gradually adding conditioning back to my training as well. My wife is due to give birth to our daughter on April 6, and I sort of set that in December as my arbitrary date to get back into conditioning. That was when I had the conditioning-destroys-LP mindset. Basically, my main goal is to make sure that I can beat the shit out of any bad guys that decide to be non-compliant.


    Press: 135 x 5,5,8
    Squat: 225 x 5,5,10

    I showed a set from my last workout ( to a friend of mine whose been doing this longer than me. He recommended I deload and work on keeping my knees out, which I think was some solid advice. I also switched from Chuck's to work boots, which helped me narrow my stance. Here's the first set from today's 225:

    I think they look better.


    Bench- 205 x 5,5,9
    Power Clean- 95x5, 135x3, 155x1, 165x1, 175x1
    Deadlift- 285x5


    Press: 135x5,5,8
    Squats: 230x5,5,10

    Squats were brutal. Felt like I was going to puke for about 20 minutes afterward. I'm a long way from BWx50 on the squats. I don't even know if I would ever put myself through that.

    On a different note, got the Yohimbine in the mail yesterday (only 2 days after ordering it from Amazon). That shit is potent! I took one in the morning and one after lunch, and I don't see myself upping the dosage any time soon. Also, I received an email from Elite that my neck harness I ordered a month ago has finally shipped. Good news.


    Bench: 210x5,5,8
    Squat: 235x5,5,10

    Video of last squat set:


    Press: 140x5,5,7
    Power cleans: 95x5, 135x3, 155x1, 165x1
    Sumo deadlift: 285x5

    Sumo deadlifts felt strong. Lower back is definitely feeling better afterwards.


    Bench: 210x5,5,9
    Squat: 240x5,5,8
    FM Chins: 7 reps

    Decided to start increasing my bench every other workout, since I don't have the plates to micro-load it and I'm pretty sure a stall is in my near future.


    Press: 143x5,5,6
    Squat: 245x5,5,10
    FM Chins: 7 reps

    Squats felt really strong. Much easier than last time I did 245.


    Bench: 215x5,5,8
    Power Clean: 95x5, 135x5, 155x1, 170x1, 180x1
    Sumo Deadlift: 290x5
    FM Chins: 7 reps

    I think 180 might be a power clean PR for me. I could probably get 200 or so if I had some bumper plates. If I drop 200, I'm sure it would crack my patio. This is my third week doing sumo deadlifts and the lower back tightness is nearly gone. Now, if I could just get rid of this nagging elbow pain.


    Neck Harness: 25x25x4
    Press: 145x5,5,6
    Weighted Chins: BW+5x8x2
    Squat: 250x5,5,7


    Bench: 215x5,5,9
    Power Clean: 95x5, 135x3
    Sumo Deadlift: 295x7
    Neck Harness: 25x50,35,25
    1.5 Pood Kettlebell Snatch, AMRAP in 5 mins: 70 reps
    FM Pull-ups: 5 reps


    Press: 147.5x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 25x40x3
    Squats: 255x5,5,DNF
    FM Pull-Ups: 4


    Bench: 220x5,5,7
    Neck Harness: 25x45x3
    1.5 Pood KB snatches: 100 reps in 10 minutes
    FM Pull-Ups: 5 reps


    Press: 150x5x3
    Neck Harness: 25x50x3
    Weighted Chins: BW+10x8,6
    FM Pull-Ups: 5 reps
    Burpees: 11x3- 30,31,31


    Bench: 225.5x5,5,7 (Last Set:
    Neck Harness: 35x25x4
    FM Pull-Ups: 5


    Press: 152.5x5x3
    Neck Harness: 35x30x4
    Weighted Chins: BW+15x5x2
    100 KB swings (1.5 pood): 4:50


    Bench: 225x5,5,7
    Neck Harness: 35x35x4
    Burpees: 14x3- 41s, 42s, 43s


    Press: 155x5x3
    Neck Harness: 35x40x4
    Weighted Chins: 15x7,6
    Squats: 215x5,5,10

    Started squats back up today. Felt really good.


    Bench: 227.5x5,5,7
    Neck Harness: 35x45x3
    Squat: 225x5,5,10


    Press: 157.5x5x3
    Neck Harness: 35x50x4
    Weighted Chins: +20x6,5
    Power Cleans: 95x5, 135x3, 155x1, 175x1, 185x1
    Sumo Deadlift: 300x5

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    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x2

    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    Bench: 230x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x25x3
    Squat: 230x5,5,12
    FM Chins: 5x2

    Fasted Cardio: 45 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x2

    Fasted Cardio: 30 min walk
    Press: 160x4,5,5 (knew I was getting close to a reset, will give 160 another shot)
    Weighted Chins: +20x6x2
    Neck Harness: 50x25x4
    Squats: 235x5,5,10

    Fasted Cardio: 30 minute walk
    FM Chins: 5x3

    Fasted Cardio: 45 minute walk
    Bench Press: 232.5x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x30x4
    Sumo Deadlift: 302.5x6 (need to get more weight, this is all my plates!)
    FM Chins: 5x3

    FM Chins: 5x3

    Press: 160x5x3
    Weighted Chins: 20x7,6
    Squat: 240x5,5,10

    Fasted Cardio: 45 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x3 (might start adding sets soon, just don't want to get the elbows flared up again)
    Bench: 235x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x45x4
    Squats: 245x5,5,10

    Fasted Cardio: 30 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x3

    Fasted Cardio: 30 min walk
    Press: 162.5x3x5 (Could only get 3 reps per set, so I did 5 sets. Definitely reset time.)
    Weighted Chins: +25x5x2
    Power Cleans: 95x5, 135x3, 155x2
    Sumo Deadlift: 305x7

    Bench: 235x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x50x4
    Squat: 250x5,5,6

    Fasted Cardio: 45 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x3

    Fasted Cardio: 50 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x3

    Fasted Cardio: 1 hour of vacuuming and mopping (fuck yeah that counts)
    Press (reset): 145x5,5,9 (could of gotten 10, but I smacked the shit out of my chin with the bar)
    Neck Harness: 50x55x4
    Weighted Chins: +25x6x2
    Squat: 255x5,5,8

    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x4

    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x4

    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x4
    Bench: 237.5x5x3
    Neck Harness: 50x55x4
    Power Clean: 155,175,190(PR)
    Deadlift: 310x6

    Fasted Cardio: 40 min walk
    FM Chins: 5x4
    Conditioning: 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1, Burpees & KB Swings: 8:55, holy shit, that was terrible

    Bench: 240x5x3
    Neck Harness: 50x60x4
    Squat: 260x5,5,6

    Press: 147.5x5,5,8
    Weighted Chins: 25x7x2
    Neck Harness: 50x60x4
    Power Clean: 95x5, 135x3, 155, 175
    Deadlift: 315x5
    Conditioning: 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1, Burpees & Kettlebell Swings, used stopwatch on phone and it overheated and lost time. Probably around 10 minutes, as it was pretty fucking hot.

    Bench: 240x5x3
    EZ Curls: 70x12,15
    Neck Harness: 50x60x4
    Squats: 265x5,5,7

    Sprints: Around lake by library, .275 miles per lap. 1:37, 1:38, 1:44, 1:49

    Press: 150x5,5,7
    Weighted Chins: 25x8x2
    Neck Harness: 50x65x4
    Squats: 270x5,5,7

    Bench: 242.5x5,5,4 (will probably try this weight one more time before resetting)
    Deadlifts: 320x6

    Press: 152.5x5,5,7
    Weighted Chins: 35x6,5
    Neck Harness: 50x65x4
    Squats: 275x5x3 (really not fucking around anymore, these are brutal)

    Conditioning: 2.3 mile run in 22:23. Followed by 3 sprints up a 1/10 mile steep ass hill. Did this at my buddy's house. Was really disappointed by what a 10 min/mile pace feels like to me now. The hill sprints were awesome. I think next time I go over there, I might just shit can the LSD and just do like 10 hill sprints or something.

    Bench: 242.5x5x3
    EZ Curls: 75x15x2
    Neck Harness: 50x70x4
    Squats: 280x5,5,6

    Press: 155x5,5,7
    Neck Harness: 50x70x4
    Max BW Chins: 14,10 (about 5 mins. rest)
    Deadlift: 325x5
    Conditioning: I've got a truck bed full of mulch that has to make its way into the flower beds today. Ooorah.

    Bench: 245x5,5,4
    Neck Harness: 50x70x4
    Curls: 75x15x2
    Squat: 285x5x3 (last set: )

    FM Chins: BWx6x5

    Press: 157.5x5,5,7
    Neck Harness: 50x75x4
    Weighted Chins: +35x6x2
    Squat: 290x5x3 (last set: )

    Bench: 245x5,5,4
    EZ Curls: 80x12x2
    Neck Harness: 50x75x4
    Deadlift: 330x8

    Press: 160x5,5,7
    Weighted Chins: 35x6x2
    Neck Harness: 50x75x4
    Squat: 295x5x3

    Conditioning: 2 mile walk with 4x1/4 mile sprints mixed in, 1:36, 1:41, 1:44, 1:54 (fucking weak, my conditioning has gone to shit)

    Bench: 225x10x5,5,10 (finally decided to reset this, glad I did, these felt good)
    EZ Curls: 80x15,12
    Neck Harness: 50x80x4
    Squat: 300x5x3 (feels good to be over 300, but these fuckers are getting HEAVY)

    Press: 162.5x5,5,6
    Weighted Chins: 35x6, 25x8
    Neck Harness: 50x80x4
    Power Clean: worked up to 185x1x2
    Deadlift: 335x7
    Conditioning: 1 mile run, 7:22

    Bench: 227.5x5,5,9
    Curls: 80x15, 90x10
    Neck Harness: 50x80x4
    Squat: 305x5,2,3 (First time to fail in 6 months! Lost my focus and got loose on 2nd rep of 2nd set, and it took everything to get back up. Never really recovered after that.)

    Conditioning: 4 laps around .275 mile track w/ about 1:45 rest. 1:44, 1:37, 1:45, 1:58

    Press: 165x5x3
    Weighted Chins: 35x7x2
    Neck Harness: 50x85x4
    Squats: 305x5x3 (Nailed it this time! Really going to try to make it to 3 plates before resetting.)

    Bench: 230x5,5,8
    Neck Harness: 50x85x4
    DB Curls: 35x15x2
    Deadlift: 340x5

    Press: 167.5x5,5,6 (Hell yeah!)
    Neck Harness: 50x85x4
    Weighted Chins: 35x7x2
    Squats: 310x5,4,3 (Dammit, no excuses, just weak)

    Conditioning: "Ran" 5k- 30:20 (wow, awful)

    I recently found out that the NHL Combine involves a 150# max rep bench event. Curious, I decided to see what the top NHL prospects could do. I was shocked to find out that the top competitor only got 13 reps! What the fuck!? Hockey players are weak!

    Bench: 150x28,17
    Neck Harness: 50x90x4
    Hack Squat: 225x20

    Went noodling all day the day before on the Tennessee River. First time. It was fun, but left me pretty much worthless for today's workout.
    Press: 170x3, 150x5x2
    Neck Harness: 50x90x4

    Bench: 232.5x5,5,8
    Neck Harness: 50x90x4
    EZ Curls: 80x12, 90x10, 100x6
    Hack Squat: 235x20

    Bench: 235x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x90x4
    Squat: 185x20

    Conditioning: 1 hour (can't remember what all we did, it was a lot of crossfit type stuff without kipping pull-ups)

    Press: 170x5,4,3
    Neck Harness: 50x90x4
    Power Cleans: worked up to 190x1

    Conditioning: 1.5 hours (crossfit type stuff)

    Bench 237.5x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x95x4
    Squat: 195x20

    Press: 150x5x3
    Deadlift: 295x5
    Conditioning: 4 rounds: 400m run, 20 KB swings, 15 push press (95#), 10 burpees, 5 strict chins- somewhere around 24 minutes

    Bench: 240x5,5,4 (could have gotten 5, but the bar hit the rack)
    Neck Harness: 50x95x4
    Weighted Pull-ups: 25x7,6 BWx10
    Squat: 205x19 (my workout buddies mis-counted, )

    Conditioning: 3 rounds: 400m run, 25 alternating hand KB swings, 20 wall push-ups, 15 burpee pull-ups, 10 hanging power cleans (95#), 5 ring dips

    Press: 152.5x5,5,6
    Neck Harness: 50x95x4
    DB Curls: 40x10x3
    Deadlift: 305x6

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    Bench: 240x4,4,3
    Neck Harness: 50x100x4
    Weighted Pull-ups: +35x6x2, BWx10
    HB Squat: 210x20

    Press: 155x5x3
    Deadlift: 310x5
    Conditioning: 3 rounds- 400m run, 15 burpees, 15 wall push-ups, 15 95# HPC, 15 toes to bar- 23ish minutes

    Bench: 240x5x3
    Neck Harness: 50x100x4
    Conditioning: 3 rounds- 400m run, 21x35# KB swings, 12 strict pull-ups- 11:30

    Press: 157.5x5,5,4
    Neither of my workout buddies showed up, and I wasn't feeling the squats today.

    C&J: 2+1 (2 cleans and 1 jerk) 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 (175 was easy but I pulled something in my upper back, otherwise probably could have gotten 195)
    Conditioning: 3 rounds- 20 walking lunges (40#DB in right hand), 20 walking lunges (40#DB in left hand), max reps pull-ups (12,10,6)

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    So that's what I've been doing the past few months. Looking over those workouts, it's becoming clear to me that I haven't really gotten much stronger in the past few months. I've been dealing with a lot of lower back soreness, which I tend to get when I squat frequently. As of today, I weight 230. Judging from what I've learned about my body's ability to recover this year, I really don't think I could get much stronger unless I continued eating quite heavily. I really feel like I would probably need to push my body weight up towards 250 in order to get my work sets well into the 300's, which is something I'm really not willing to do.

    I've been focusing a lot more on conditioning lately. I've gotten much stronger this year, but I miss being able to just go out and run a 5k in the low 20's whenever I want. I would also like to cut some body fat and maybe get down to about 215 without losing too much strength. The most difficult part of this equation for me has been getting the diet piece in order. Eating enough to recover without gaining too much fat has been a learning process for me. It probably doesn't help that I also don't have the time or inclination to get super geeked out over counting calories and prepping tons of chicken breasts to graze on all day.

    I'm going to play around with the programming from CFFB for a few weeks and see how it goes.

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    My God what a name for a log. Funny though. Good luck on your lifting.

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    Moderation of personal logs? Really?

    Welcome to the general log section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark E. Hurling View Post
    My God what a name for a log. Funny though. Good luck on your lifting.
    Oh yeah, I guess I should have explained that. While in Iraq, a few of my lifting buddies and I referred to ourselves as the COP Ellis Rat Eaters, referring to the preferred cuisine of our massive pythons (the ones in our sleeves, not in our pants).

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    You shouldn't make this so easy for the son of one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

    "This is my rifle, this my gun! This is for fighting, this is for fun!"

    Thanks for your service.

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    2 mile run: 17:40
    Bench: 225x1, 245x1, 265x1, 285x1(f*), 225x9
    * spotter grabbed the bar earlier than I would have liked, I think I had 285 in me
    Conditioning: AMRAP 15 mins- 10 supinated ring pull-ups, 10 plyo push-ups- 6 rounds
    ROM on the pull-ups wasn't too impressive, but I figure it's better than kipping

    EDIT: After looking at the comments on and seeing how abysmally my results compared with everyone else's, I realized that a supinated ring pull-up is not a pull-up with a supinated (e.g. palms facing you) grip. Your feet are supposed to be on a bench and your body horizontal. That would have been much better. Oh well.
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    starting strength coach development program

    Conditioning: 1 min on/ 1 min off for 12 minutes, 30x50# KB swings on the min.

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