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    Hi all,

    I discovered SS some time ago, but wasn't able to train until now. Today was my first workout. I have limited lifting experience and am reading SS to improve form/technique.

    Age - 25
    Height - 6'4
    Weight - 195-200lbs

    5 min on the bike
    Squats with just the bar 2x8
    Squats 95lbs 2x5

    Work Sets
    Squat 135lbs 3x5
    Bench 135lbs 3x5
    Deadlift 135lbs 1x5

    I realize that my squat and deadlift should be higher but it is my first workout so I'm easing into it, plus I have hockey tonight and don't want to kill my legs. I will be adding 5lbs per week on my squat and deadlift because I want to work on my technique/form (I know SS prescribes to add 5lbs per workout at the beginning). Anyways, slow and steady is the way I want to approach this.


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    Welcome Sylz!

    It ain't where you start, its the journey to where you are going.

    Keep adding some weight to the bar slowly and steadily.

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    Starting out at 135lbs for your bench, you must have a decent bench from before training. Good stuff.


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