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Thread: Doug's "get strong, look good, be in shape" log

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    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020
    • wichita falls texas february 2021 seminar
    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    08Oct20 - 185# bodyweight

    -Press: 180x1 (smoke show), 160x3x5 (RPE 8-9)
    -CG Swiss bar bench: 110x6, 150x, 160x3x8
    -Dips (red band): 4x10
    -DB bent shrugs (squeeeeeeze and stretch): 100s x20,15,12
    -Cuban press: 17.5x3x10

    Crushed everything today. Had to add weight to the close-grip work to make it productive! 180 felt like it needed another 20 pounds on there! The 160 press sets increased to where hypothetical reps 6-7 would've been rough grinders on the third set.

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    -Trap bar: 410x2,2,2
    -Weighted chins: 30x5x5
    -Cable pull-over: 50# x30
    -V handle landmine rows: 100x12,10,10
    -GHRs: 3x10

    -tire flips: 5x2 every other minute, FAST

    -grippers: HG200x8x5
    -neck harness: 30x35,50, 53x40,30
    -neck flexion: 30x25,25,35,35
    -iso sup db curls + roll curls: 25x10/12
    -sup db curls: 35x10,8,8
    -finger roll curls: 35x10
    -bb drag curls: 45x20
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    -Strict 13” log press (clean first rep): 160x7x3

    Kind of a slog. Low energy day, and I just listened to a podcast while I pressed. Turns out I misloaded again - made a 10# jump - supposed to be a +5# week. Feels good to have stuck it out though.
    Have a nice weekend.

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    -SSB: 345x2x2, 290x3x5
    -Calves: 20, (plate carrier + 35)x4x20
    -GHRs x5, (plate carrier)x8,5,5, empty x10

    -Bench: 235x2x3, 205x2x8
    -Press: 155x7, 145x8
    -Triceps pull overs: 95x4x10
    -Cable flies: 25x15, 57x4x12
    -Shrugs: 335x3x10
    -DB strict cleans: 17.5x3x15

    Lord. All the volume today. 33 work sets.

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    -face supported rows: 155x5,5,10,5,5
    -pull ups: 8/8, band-assisted: 8/8/8/8

    -Curls: 5x8-15, several variations
    -Ab Wheel: 5x6

    -neck extensions and flexion, grippers

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    -Front squat: 310x2x2, 275x3x5
    -GHRs: 5x8
    -hanging leg raises: 5x10

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    -Press: 182.5, 162.5x3x5
    -CG Swiss bench: 165x5x8
    -calves: 20, +50x4x20
    -Assisted ring dips (red band): 5x10
    -DB bent shrugs: 100x20,15,12
    -Cuban Press (w press): 20x3x10

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    -Trap bar: 415x2,2,5
    -Weighted chins: 35x5x5
    -Cable pull-over: 60x30,25
    -V handle landmine rows: 115x5x10
    GHRs: 5x10

    -Strict log press: 140x3, 165x6x3

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    19Oct20 (low stress week)


    -SSB: 350x2,2, 295x5,5,5, 245+50# chains for a single. Just playing with the new chains for a rep. Unloads about 20# in the hole and allows me to get really deep easily.


    -bench: 245x3,3, 215x8,8
    -press: 155x6
    -Neck work

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    starting strength coach development program
    20-21Oct20: REST

    22Oct20 (low stress week)
    -press: 155x3, 175, 185x3, 165x5,5,5
    -face supported rows: 160x5,5,10
    Pull ups: 5,5,5, +25x3, +45x5

    Consolidated some work I skipped the last two days. Found a beat up, used elitefts GHD for sale locally and spent the days restoring that. Turned out great, and inspired me to refinish my bench frame and rack in yellow to match my toolbox!


    Very pleased with the press. Weighed 186.8 today so that’s nearly a bodyweight strict press triple. I had more in me but didn’t want to crush anything this week; just take it for a little ride. Probably could’ve tied the 185x4 I hit earlier this year in elbow sleeves. My biceps and elbows/forearms are still cranky from all the pulling and curl volume the last two weeks. Shut the pull ups down early. Good little back-off session.
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