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Thread: Doug's "get strong, look good, be in shape" log

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    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020
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    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    Knee issues popped up Friday so I took three consecutive days of rest, went hiking over the weekend and finished painting all the gear for the gym. It’s pretty bad ass.

    * wrapped knees to mitigate pain, though the knee felt better yesterday and this morning
    -SSB: 335x2x3, 280x2x8, 230+50Cx5
    -Calves: 20, vest+45x2x20
    -GHRs x2x8

    -Bench: 245x2x3, 215x2x8
    -Press: 160x6, 145x8
    -Triceps pull overs: 105x2x10
    -Cable flies: 62x2x12
    -Shrugs: 335x2x10
    -DB strict cleans: 20x2x15

    CRUSHED the bench. Way too light but I’m sticking with the plan, for now. Sometimes you need some easy wins. Knee felt good.

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    -face supported rows: 155x5, 165x5,5,10,5, 135x10
    -pull ups: red band x3,5,8, yellow x8, bw x8,8,8

    -iso db sup curls + finger roll/forearm curls: 30x2x10/12
    -ab wheel: 8,8,8

    Taking care of the elbows. Overdid it a few weeks ago and paid for it. fortunately, that was just before my deload week. My arms are plenty big for my taste, so the curls are there for a little maintenance-plus and some elbow/forearm health. Backing off the row weight next week as my technique is getting sloppy.

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    - Front squat: 300x3,3, 265x8,2, 140x2
    (50 pounds of chain added to achieve numbers, unloads 20# in the hole. First set of eight crushed me. Just keeping the bar in place and my torso rigid was murder. Weight was easy. Nothing left to finish the second set though. Even 140 lbs, body and brain said "NOPE!")

    -GHRs: 8,8,8
    -leg raises: 12,12,12

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    -Press: 177.5, 187.5 (f), 187.5, 167.5x5,
    -CG Swiss bench: 175x2x8
    -calves: 20, +65x2x20
    -ring dips: 10 red band, 10y, 10bw,
    -DB bent shrugs: 125x2x15
    -Cuban Press (w press): 25x2x10

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    -Trap bar: 430x2,2,5
    -Weighted chins: 45x5x5
    -V handle landmine rows: 125x3x10
    GHRs: 3x10

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    Took the weekend off. Ax joints were angry.

    -SSB (incl. 50# chain): 340x2x3, 285x4x4
    -Calves: 20, 65x3x20
    -GHRs: 6,10,10,12

    -Bench: 250x3,6, 220x8,8
    -Press: 160x6, 150x8
    -Triceps pull overs: 105x3x12
    -Cable flies: 67x3x12
    -Shrugs: 335x2x10
    -DB Cuban press w press: 25x2x10

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    -face supported row to chest: 155x8,8,8,8 (last set, 2 to chest, 6 to belly)
    -pull ups: bw x5,8,8,8,8

    -Ab Wheel: 8,8,8
    -Iso db sup. curls + forearm roll curls: 25x2x10/12

    -neck work: tbd
    -grippers: tbd

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    -Front squat (incl. 50# in chain - unloads 20# in the hole): 305x2x3, 270x4x4
    -GHRs: 3x10
    -hanging leg raises: 3x12

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    -Trap bar: 380x4x4 (+ purple band)
    -Weighted chins: 53x5x3
    -V handle landmine rows: 125x4x10
    GHRs: 3x10
    07Nov20 (5am on a Saturday!)
    -Press: 190, 170x5,5,7
    -CG Swiss bench: 175x3x8
    -calves: 20, +65x3x20
    -Ring dips dips: 10r, 10y, 10bw, 10bw
    -DB bent shrugs: 125x20,15
    -Cuban Press (w press): 25x2x10

    *This was a make-up day for missing Wednesday with work and f’ing around with my trunk in the nice weather we’re having here in VA.
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    starting strength coach development program

    -SSB (incl. 50# chain): 345x2x3, 295x4x4, 245x4 (FAST, no chains)
    -Calves: 20, 80x3x20
    -GHRs: 6,10,10,12
    *adjusted GHD up a notch, a little tougher but much better post chain engagement and ultimately didn’t effect reps

    -Bench: 255x5,5, 225x8,8
    -Press: 165x6, 155x6
    -Triceps pull overs: 105x4x12
    -Cable crossovers: 67x4x12
    -Shrugs: 335x2x15
    -DB strict cleans: 25x2x12
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