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Thread: Squatting every day

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    Jsutt Guest


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    Here's an interesting post I found on the bodybuilding.com forum while reading about training every day (don't judge, I found it through google).


    I did it for 2 months

    I backsquatted 7x a week and front squatted between 2-6x a week.

    Back squat went nowhere, remained pretty much static.

    Front squat PR went from 100 (admittedly prob not a true max) to 165 (kilos)

    Technique went great, never really felt too worn down... the only issue was eventually squatting every day made me not care about squatting anymore. I'd have 200 on the bar and say 'whatever, if I fail it its no big deal, I'll just do it tomorrow' and it made it really hard for me to get excited or pumped up. I'd be falling asleep with 95% on the bar

    Overall, it was an awesomely fun experience though
    I love that he says this like it's a problem!

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    Jsutt Guest



    Bench 90x1 then 80x2x8 or 9, I lost count. Nice and snappy.

    Chins 10x3

    Squat - partway through warming up I clocked my head on the bar and started bleeding everywhere. By the time it stopped I had kind of lost motivation & went home.

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    Jsutt Guest



    Bench 80x3, 86x2, 90x1, 94x1, 96x1, 86x2x7 + 1 for good luck. I'm starting to get the hang of this leg drive thing - surprisingly it makes a big difference in driving the bar off the chest.

    The jones rack was occupied by some mouth-breathing types doing seated over-head presses (ugh) so the rest of the workout consisted of:
    Supine-grip face pulls (is this even a thing?) - pronated grip makes my left sternoclavicular joint pop out of its socket.
    Good mornings
    Wide grip pull-ups
    Dumbbell rows

    And now my shoulders feel nice. Alright.

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    Jsutt Guest


    My legs hurt today, how odd.

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    Jsutt Guest


    Pretty achey all around today. I went for a ride out into the countryside earlier (to My Lai, incidentally, if that means anything to anyone), which tends to make my arms a bit stiff. It was kind of cool though - I stopped for a while to chat to some guys making wooden ships out by the beach. Starting from tree trunks on one side of the road all the way up to the finished product on the other the only machinery I could see was a bandsaw.

    Anyway, at the gym:

    Bench - worked up to a slow, sticky 96x1 and then a slow, sticky 86x2x2.

    Squat (jones machine) - ~125x3, back-off set of ~90x3x3.

    Face pulls
    Bicep curls.

    No session tomorrow, back to my normal gym on Saturday.

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    Bandsaws are awesome...I miss my Felder bandsaw.

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    Jsutt Guest



    Got in late & the gym was pretty busy so no benches were available.

    Squat 118x3, 128x3, 138x2, 144x1 - ugh, this was horrible. I realised about 0.5 seconds after starting out of the hole that today was not the day to be pushing for PR's. 138x2x2 to finish, both felt really heavy.

    Speed deadlifts - 60x5, 100x5x3 easy

    Bench worked up to 88x2x2 - also crappy. Couldn't get the juice to turn on tonight.

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    Jsutt Guest



    Really hot.

    Bench 92kg for 10 singles. Nice and easy, first 5 felt like they floated up. I'm cueing myself to push with the legs and push up with the chest which sets the bar in a nice path.

    Squat 108x3x3, interspersed with some behing the neck presses and a few attempts at hang snatches. Horrible, horrible lifts, I felt absolutely gassed. I'm going to stop squatting in the jones machine altogether, I feel like it's throwing my balance off and my form when I can squat properly sucks.

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    Hi - I just came across your log and think this program is interesting. Do you feel much of a difference in your squat after taking a day off vs. every day? Recovery seems difficult with this.

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    Jsutt Guest


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    My squat felt much nicer when I was doing it 6-7 days a week. There's less of a mental aspect involved when you're doing it every day - no grinding, no psyching up, you just lift it then go home. So no, I didn't have any problems with recovery until I started squatting less frequently. Now I'm aching a lot more and I'm finding the whole 'you're only here today, got to make it count' thing is becoming more of an issue.

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