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    My friend can't get into orthopedics till next Monday, so we're keeping her activity to a minimum and managing the pain with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. She went to the gym with me again today, and I adjusted my sets and reps for a change. It worked out well, and I felt good afterwards.
    Thu, May 9
    Bwt - 196
    DB swing: 50x11
    OHP: 45x8, 67x5, 90x8
    Power clean: 95x5, 115x3, 135x3
    Rack pull: 135x8, 205x5, 265x8
    CG underhand pulldown: 80x8, 120x5, 150x10
    Dip: bwt x 8, +10x5, +20x10
    Hammer curl: 15's x 8, 20's X 5, 25's x 12

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    My bad hip gave me some trouble last night, I actually felt a "pop" in it while getting ready for bed... kinda freaked me out, and I decided to skip my squats today. I decided to try the Hammer leg press at the gym. It provided a lot of support and felt pretty good warming up, so I pushed it as far as I dared. Tonight I'm feeling better, and tomorrow my friend has that orthopedic appointment, to see where we go from here.
    Sun, May 12
    Wt. - 196
    DB swing: 50x12
    BP: 75x8, 105x5, 145x9
    Seated row: 65x8, 95x5, 130x8
    OH triceps ext.: 15x8, 30x5, 45x8
    BB curl: 40x8, 60x5, 80x6
    Hammer leg press: 170x8, 240x5, 280x12
    Hammer pullover: 90x10, 140x10

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    Glad to see you found a way to get some work in. My biggest mistake was selling my Hammer Iso Lateral leg press. It sure hit the quads .

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