That Guy's dropping a log on strengthmill!!! That Guy's dropping a log on strengthmill!!!

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Thread: That Guy's dropping a log on strengthmill!!!

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    Default That Guy's dropping a log on strengthmill!!!

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    First of all, Happy Holidays everyone!

    I'm sick of the constant barage of bullshit over at so I packed up and jumped ship. I'm hoping to get more educated responses and critiques instead of "How'd you get teh sicz pack?!". So please, critique at will and don't hold back. Here's some current stats:
    @ 5'7" 170lbs
    Dead: 455lbs
    Squat: 315lbs
    OH Press: 170lbs

    3xbw deadlift
    2+xbw squat
    200lb overhead press

    I've been doing an upper/lower westside style split and have gained some but it's been slow. I haven't worked out for almost a month now do to some friends passing away, finals, holidays, and whatnot. I haven't deadlift'd in over 2 months .

    So I decided I am going to start a Texas Method style workout on Monday and try to get back to where I was a little quicker. I did a little tester yesterday;
    Squat: 265x3x5
    OH Press: 140x3x5
    SLDL: 275x3x5 (didn't want to get leveled the next day from deadlifting )
    DB Bench: 80'sx3x5 (had more for this I think)

    I'm unshure as to where I'm going to start my volume days and intensity days but I'll think about it over ham and tater salad later tonight.

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    Workout #1 - 12/24/07

    Squat: 225x5x5
    DB Bench: 70x5x5
    Power Clean: 135x3x8
    Decline Situps: 50x10x3

    Snowboarding for Christmas - 12/25/07

    Workout #2 - 12/26/07

    Front Squat: 185x8x3
    OH Press: 135x5x3
    GHR's: BWx10x3
    Pullups: BWx8x3

    Workout #3 - 12/28/07

    Squat: 255x5, 275x2
    DB Bench: 85x5
    Dead: 365x3, 405x1

    Fluff Workout - 12/29/07

    HG Chins: +30x6x3
    Dips: +55x8x3
    BB Curls: 65x10x2
    Skullcrushers: 65x12x2
    DB Hammer Curls: 35x10x2
    Rope Pushdowns: 110x10x2
    DB laterals: 25x10x2

    Snowboarding again - 12/30/07

    Today - 12/31/07 - New Years Eve Baby!!!!

    Alright, I think that sums it up so far. I am looking forward to my workout tomorrow. Hopefully I don't get too wasted tonight and fuck it up....oh well...235lb for 5 sets of 5 will sober me up . Gonna go ride sportbikes right now so, peace i'm outta here!!

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    Default 2008!

    Happy New Year!

    Missed my workout on Tuesday due to illness but went today instead .

    Squat: 245x5x5
    DB bench: 75'sx5x5
    Power Clean: 145x3x8
    Decline Situps: +55x10x3

    Workout was decent, I was a little short on breath during the squats. Was farting whiskey the whole time as well .

    No one was in the gym today, I was expecting the New Year's resolution babies to start coming out of the woodworks and fill up the gym but there wasn't a single person at the gym while I was there. Pretty sweet, I cranked the music and dropped DB's and cleans with no one to yell at me . Must be the new fancy, schmancy robogym that opened down the street. Good riddance!

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    Seems like everyone has been sick around the new year.

    One of my goals for this year is also a 200lbs OH press. I think you're probably closer than I am

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    Default Yo man.

    Did you do all your lifts raw? They seem very impressive.

    It makes me wonder why you can only squat 315 if your deadlift is 455. Do you squat narrow?


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