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    Quote Originally Posted by Browndog View Post
    Try not to let your knees kick back (#dontbeme). There's that section on the "terrible block of wood" in the book...helps to keep you focused on keeping your knees forward as you drahve out of the hole. That way you're going "straight up".

    It's something I'm still working on. At lighter weights, I'm much better these days. But once things get "heavy", my default is to get into my hips way too much.
    Thanks for this. I posted a form check on the ss Facebook you can look at if you like; I thought I was doing everything wrong; they’re saying my knees were ok, but get them there right away and keep them OUT on the way back up.( I would get hollered at all the time for shooting hips back when I did Olympic wl ing. Such a no no to lean over bc you can’t rack your cleans.) I think your squats look pretty good; we both are not short and have long legs and for myself my waist is 6” too long - so we will probably never “look” like smaller people. To me it feels like I’m sticking my butt out way too far.
    I’ll just keep working on it. Thank you again.

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    2nd night no sleep and stressed beyond imagination with covid delaying repairs necessary to getting out of here. The debate - pfff, WHO is the liar?? Why are my investment companies sending me vids on how to protect myself should Biden get elected? UGH. Did the best I could with training, thank goodness, it keeps me from losing my shit.
    Comp DL 225x1, 190x3x2s
    Comp Bench 105x3x4s
    Bent Row 80x10x2s
    IsoHold Hammer Curls + Kickback10x10x2s
    Press 55x10x2s
    ouch. Should be packing it in next week.

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    Let's hope you don't need to use the info on those videos


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