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    • starting strength seminar december 2021
    • starting strength seminar february 2022
    • starting strength seminar april 2022
    Week 17 Day 2
    Comp Bench
    (75_100) 100x3 @6.5, 95x3x2s @6
    Comp Squat (Technique sets) (95-135) 135x3x2s @6, 6.5
    Pendlay Row (3-4RIR) 80x10x3s @4,@3,@3 RIR
    DB Incline Bench (3-4RIR) 30'sx12x2s @4, @3RIR, x11 @3RIR
    Tricep Pushdown + Iso Hammer Curls (3-4RIR) 35+15x10 x 3s @3,@3,@2RIR
    Just tired today, slogged through. The DB Inclines felt great, go figure. Everything except that and squat was, meh.

    Gym opened up another couple hundred sq ft. - with the purple rug; for yoga "classes." Look in there and its 3 older ladies sitting on the floor.

    The stretchies/remedial stuff a few of the guys do, usually on a bench or in a rack - were still around; maybe its a pride thing to NOT go in the new room for this, with the old ladies?

    IDK, paying taxes on that extra space that is used for one "class" (a couple of older ladies, never more than 5), once a day - I wonder about the ROI.

    My leg is still kinda weird behind the knee, shoulders are sore - all from, what, 105? There's my age, but I forget I AM jumping on concrete.
    (Did I really used to jump under 140?) If I decide to try again, I'll have to go across town to the anytime with the platforms to see if there's a diff...use my little Honda with the gas prices that the fucking government is telling us is a high class first world problem to have ($3.79 for regular in west palm last week already). Whelp; I dont have to spend $1500 on heating oil right now, so there's that.

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    C2 Rower 30 minutes, 23 spa, 50xxm.
    Knee is bothering me today.

    bw 174.5.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Forgotta weigh before eating.
    Week 17, Day 3
    Comp DL
    (140-195#) 190x2x2s @6
    TNG Bench (87.5-102.5#) 100x3x2s @6
    SSB Squat (110-130#) 130x3x2s @6
    DB Laterals (15#) 15x4x2s @7
    Good Morning (3-4 RIR) 75x7x3s @3,@3,@4

    On to Next Block.

    I still am sleepy tired; maybe naps? Not sure the row isn't giving me some shoulders pain, but no knee cyst or anything w/right knee this am; that knee is still giving me fits, hurts some - and SSB squats felt GREAT on them (I don't understand!)

    So in my next strength block reps will drop a bit and intensity is increasing for a strength adaptation, w total sets flat or decreasing based on me (sleep/stress).
    My MEV/MRV for bench goes from 10/18 to 10/19, frequency 3.5 to 3.75x a week, that's the only change.
    Ok, I guess.

    Is it weird I give the bars names?
    Hella Knurl (only new bar, center knurl, spinning sleeves, bites like crazy, I KNOW I'm pulling too-high pcleans past my nipples>armpits bc my neck's marked up)
    Slippy Biggs (bigger diameter with a knurl like a baby's ass)
    Old Crusty (old bar with a patina, welded sleeves but the diameter is ok, knurl is between the other two)
    Serpentine Shelly (ssb, because of the dancy shenanigans I have to do due to where its wedged/stored).


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