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    • starting strength seminar august 2022
    • starting strength seminar october 2022
    • starting strength seminar december 2022
    W14, D3
    Trap Bar DL
    I based this off e1RM so 220 s/b a @10 very much in my wheelhouse. Thats why I care about 1RM. Still getting used to this bar, 4th rep felt off balance/shaky, the way I imagine the earthquake bar would be.
    IDK how to combat that. And, my low back and abs SOOOooooo sore from the ab wheel, I can't believe it.
    225x4 yea; I misloaded, was 225. They all LOOKED easy but the 4th was fairly earthquake-y, very weird.
    185x5 @7RPE
    Comp Squat 140-150x6x3s (going for a HBBS max Monday so easy today; my last DL max took forever to recover from)
    140x6 @7
    140x6 @7.5
    140x6 @7.5RPE
    Comp Bench 90-95x6x2s (right rotator cuff/or bicep tendon pretty painful but I got it done)
    90x6x2s @7RPE
    Pendlay Row 8x3s @7-8RPE went for 8s, with a tiny bit of body English
    85x8 @8
    85x8 @7.5
    85x8 @8 RPE
    DB Pullovers 35x4s @2RIR
    35x8x4s @2RIR
    I think I got bumped up for next time on these too.
    DB Inclines 30x3s @2RIR (lowered right arm just to the point of pain; bumped up from last time)
    30x8x3s @2RIR
    BB Hip Thrust 95 + DB Arnold Press 20s @2RIR (rt arm did't annoy on this one? long pauses on hip thrust)
    95x15 + 20sx7 @2RIR
    95x14 + 20sx7 @2RIR
    0 + 20sx7 @2RIR
    Got bumped up on hip thrust for next time.
    Seated Calf 45# + Concentration Curl 15s @2RIR
    45x13 + 15sx12 @2RIR
    45x12 + 15sx10 @2RIR
    0 + 15x9 @2RIR
    Vup 5# + BB Skullcrushers 35 @2RIR
    5x10 + 35x12 @2RIR
    5x10 + 35x11 @2RIR
    5x8 + 0 @2RIR
    Got bumped up om skull crushers for next time.

    Well; the app is pushing me and pushing me forward.
    Liberals are still pushing me to agree that babies are only babies if you want them.

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    Nice work. Sure would kill me!

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    I am not a fan of the Trap bar.

    Just as you rightly point out, there's no way to stabilize the damn thing.

    You're putting in a lot of work Deb...don't let it beat you down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynJerry View Post
    Nice work. Sure would kill me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Browndog View Post
    I am not a fan of the Trap bar.

    Just as you rightly point out, there's no way to stabilize the damn thing.

    You're putting in a lot of work Deb...don't let it beat you down.
    I think its much harder for tall people. I'm getting used to the workload, I suppose, and not against cutting a set or exercise that doesn't agree with me (split squats, I need to work on that though). I like all the diff exercises exposing weaknesses and, it seems to be making me stronger. I also am not full time or regularly working anymore (just Saturdays at the gym, graphic design is more a freelance I dont have that many clients; its not the best field anymore.)

    All work, IDK - the gov't claims that "wages are high" "good paying jobs" etc etc which, I have found to be pure bullshit.

    What you have is businesses advertising a salary RANGE; you are a journeyman or a senior or mgmt also in your field, so the top of the range is what you want, what you think they'll pay for experience and excellence.
    The "job description" is everything in the business - PLUS the position you're applying for; the "benefits" are "employee discount!" (the company makes plane seats) or "health insurance!! (but really they are letting you purchase $20/month dental/vision SUPPLEMENTS to health insurance, without having basic health insurance, woo hoo!);
    They want to start you at the low range of the salary, with the trick "90 days trial" THEN it'll be the high end, then they hope you forget or, they make an excuse to deny you. I would also say there is tons of age discrimination.

    I don't think its that people don't want to work; they see no point in breaking their asses to come up short, and I for one LIKE to think some have grown the balls to walk the fuck away (but probably not). Something I should have done at my old job which was essentially running the business for them and then getting screwed. IDK I'm considering getting a plotter bc here, when I ask for a quote and it's obvious I know what' I'm doing, they won't even quote me, I can't get a b2b price on anything, its like they're afraid of me.

    My liberal friends (west coat florida with money) were telling me they don't understand how I'm not making tons of money; why, the restaurant owners were telling them as they ate, people just won't work - they are actually paying a lot. These friends told me, waitstaff is getting $20/hr! plus benefits! It's a law, because BIDEN is just that great.

    I said, I ASSURE you that's a lie; otherwise folks would be FLOCKING to the waterfront eateries here. And, the liberalese - you're wrong! biden made it SO GOOD... the news SAYS so!
    So I looked up the ads for waitstaff (not in corner pizza shops but at higher end places and waterfront) - $6.80 an hour. No benefits. They make me laugh my fucking head off, the liberals, and people with enough $ that nothing affects them or their standard of living (just eat lentils! but but but abortion restrictions will affect poor people!)

    Anyway, so I can afford to take cat naps at times now. I guess it helps recovery.

    I see a lot of guys at the gym cleaning*. The one guy was snatching* with the 25's - but no one is dropping weights yet. His three-four friends last weekend, I was watching the snatcher, and they all said, "that's your lift, right?" IDK how they know I did Olympic WL. I said, well I've done exclusively that for a number of years I'm not an expert but I could tell you not to create habits that are really hard to break later on. They said I know more than them; not sure that's true. I post local WLing on our gym page (Vero Beach has a good WLing thing going); I asked them if I could get a VB coach or athlete to come teach the basics, would you guys want to learn? Yes, sure. Then I realized, well - I'd have to have many more bars and bumpers. :-(

    *using these terms VERY loosely; they're not realizing that the pull is something you do with your LEGS; the acceleration comes from your hips and speed. But they have a strength base and great proportions.
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    Pizza Thursday, Pizza last night. BW still 176 this am. wth? I wonder if the rug I put under the scale is throwing it off.
    Wk 15 D1 I would have slept great other than rainy season is starting and the dog felt the need to sleep on my head, panting the whole time.
    HBBS 6rm (knew going in I had a lot more than I've been doing, its just the issue of trying to keep knees forward longer, hips under me, chest UP, that is so hard, so I went to 150 - shocked myself still a pretty big undershoot. Maybe getting stronger. Hope I can recover).
    150x6 @8RPE
    130x6x3s @7RPE, 7.5, 7.5
    Comp DL 180-190x5x2s
    185x5x2s @7RPE
    Press 70-75x6x2s (knew I didn't have this with the shoulder still bothering me but I tried, no pain but definitely detrained in this lift)
    70x4 @9?
    app cut the last set
    Leg Press 95# + Straight Arm Lat Pushdown 35# 0-1 RIR
    95x17 @0RIR + 35x16 @1RIR
    95x20 @0RIR + 35x11 @1RIR
    95x20 @0RIR + 35x11 @0RIR
    Got bumped up I think on both lifts, for next time.
    Good Morning 70# + DB Bench 35s 0-1RIR
    70x10 @2RIR + 35sx10 @2RIR
    70x10 @1RIR + 35sx9 @0RIR
    70x10 @0RIR + 35sx10 @0RIR
    70x9 20RIR +0
    Pull Throughs 70# + Iso Hold DB Laterals (set a 10RM) 0-1RIR + 4,3,0RIR
    70x15 @1RIR + 5sx10 @4RIR
    70x13 @1RIR + 8sx10 @0RIR (lead with elbows, freaking iso-hold got me after set 1, you hold one arm up and do 10 with the other, then switch - my iso-hold was slowly sinking lower by my 2nd arm)
    70x14 @1RIR + 8sx10 @0RIR
    Got bumped up on pull throughs for next time.
    Calf Raise 35#x3s 0-1RIR
    35x15, x13, x12 @1RIR
    Weight got bumped up for next time.
    MB Russian Twists 20#x4s 0-1RIR (1-1:30 rest)
    20x10 @2RIR
    20x12 @1RIR
    20x11 @0RIR
    20x9 @0RIR
    Over 2 hrs, between chats & extra rest taking sets to failure.
    Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company
    Shinedown - Crow and the Butterfly
    Senior Strength and Tone was working to 70's music.
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    C2 Rower 30 minutes, get the stiff out.
    U2 Vertigo, One Tree Hill

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    My hats off to you! Those look like marathon sessions. Makes me want to do some conditioning...well maybe not.

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    No sleep. Maybe 5-6 hours if that.
    W15 D2
    CGBP Max
    8 @10. I THOUGHT I loaded 92, it was 87. Backoffs with a stick.
    87x8 @8RPE
    80x8xs @6.5
    Pullups 60# assist
    4x6 @RPE8, 8, 8, 9
    Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns70x4s 0-1RIR; trying to squeeze that back
    70x15 @2RIR
    70x16 @1RIR
    70x17 @0RIR
    70x17 @0RIR
    Weight got bumped for next time.
    Alternating DB Press 25s 3s + Facepulls 45# 3s 0-1RIR
    25x12 @0RIR + 45x17 @1RIR
    25x10 @0RIR + 45x15 @1RIR
    25x12 @0RIR + 45x14 @1RIR
    Hamstring Curls 50#x4s 0-1RIR
    50x15 @1RIR
    50x15 @0RIR
    50x12 @0RIR
    50x12 @0RIR
    Weight got bumped for next time.
    Hammer Curls 20sx4s + Ab Wheel 3s Abs still kinda toast from last week's wheel.
    20sx12 @1RIR + 0x7 @0RIR
    20sx11 @0RIR + 0x7 @0RIR
    20sx11 @0RIR + 0x7 @0RIR
    20sx11 @0RIR
    Elbow Out DB Extensions 15x3s @0-1RIR
    15sx12 @0RIR
    15sx13 @1RIR
    15sx12 @1RIR
    Weight got bumped for next time.

    Couple people told me my shape is changing. I don't see it.

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    C2 Rower 30 minutes.
    Is this now the new standard, the leggings with a strap thing up into the butt crack, and weird sliver moons sideways under the butt cheek? Cellulite hiding and butt lifting - seriously??

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    starting strength coach development program
    W15 D3
    Trap Bar DL
    190x5 @6.5RPE
    Bumped up:
    195x5 @7RPE
    Comp Squat 140-150x6x3s
    145x6x3s @8.5RPE
    Comp Bench 95-105x6x2s
    100x6 @9
    95x6 @8
    Pendlay Row 8rx3s 8-9RPE
    85x8x3s @8,@8,@7.5
    DB Pullover 35# + Leg Extensions 40# 0-1 RIR
    35x12 @1 + 40x20 @1RIR
    35x11 @1 + 40x16 @1RIR
    35x10 @1 + 40x13 @1RIR
    35x9 @1RIR + 0
    DB Incline 30# 0-1RIR (right shoulder still hurts, so noted left shoulder and right shoulder reps)
    30x10,8 @1RIR
    30x17,7 @0RIR
    30x10,8 @0RIR
    30x9,8 @0RIR
    BB Hip Thrust 95# + DB Arnold Press 20s# 0-1RIR, I thought hip thrust bumped up but the app said 95, and 100 after I was done, some glitch
    95x18 @1 + 20sx8 @1
    95x18 @0 + 20sx7 @0
    95x17 @0 + 20sx7 @0
    Seated Calf 50# + Concentration Curls 15s 0-1 RIR, noted curls Right and Left
    50x16 + 15sx13,15 @0RIR
    50x14 + 15sx12,12 @0RIR
    50x15 + 15sx10,12 @0RIR
    Vup 5# + BB Skullcrusher 35# 0-1 RIR; again thought skull crusher would be bumped up, but. not yet?
    5x10 @1RIR + 35x20 @0RIR
    5x10 @0RIR + 35x15 @0RIR
    5x10 @0RIR + 35x13 @0RIR

    DELOAD NEXT WEEK HURRAY!!! Next are two strength blocks. My left hip/SI joint is hurting, noticed squats my hips were not even.
    Also realized my press, I am doing DB presses/shoulders so that might be why its down a little. I much prefer just press to DB's.

    The Hang Gang old man club; I still don't get it, its like lemmings - why does it have to be an empty barbell in the squat rack, to "hang" (its not a real, perpendicular hang - what they're doing, you can hold onto any upright in the gym, lean back and down so your arm's at 45 or less and pull on it same diff). Kinda crazy; is the crazy ME - or them?


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