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Thread: Cardiac athlete passes 40 as a competitive runner/rower

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    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    Tue 9/25
    Squat 150/5/3
    Deadlift 275/5/1
    Press 85/5/1

    Thursday 9/27
    Squat 155/5/3
    Row 160/5/3
    Bench 75/5/3

    Sun 9/30
    Press 95/4/1
    Deadlift 300/3/1
    Pushups 9/3

    Mon 10/1
    Squat 160/5/3
    Erg 5km @ 2:05/500

    Tue 10/2
    Erg 5km @ 2:04/500
    Squat 165/5/3

    Wed 10/3
    Deadlift 300/5/1
    Press 90/5/3

    Sat 10/6
    Squat 170/5/3

    Sunday 10/7
    Row 165/5/3
    Pushups 10/3

    Mon 10/8
    Squat 175/5/3

    Tue 10/9
    Press 95/5,5,4

    Wed 10/10
    Squat 180/5/3

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    I'm 41 now. I like scotch and cigars. I hate cold weather.
    PRs for 2018
    Deadlift 315/5/1
    Squat 225/5/3
    Press 95/5/3
    Ran Leadville (15.6mi and 3,325 feet vert at elevation)
    Ran the Quanah Hill Massacre (13.8 miles and 1,430 feet vert through the woods in complete darkness)
    Ran local Turkey Trot (easy 8.0 miles with 25k people)

    Goals for 2019 are not exactly SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-bound) but they are:
    Improve tolerance for hitting a heavy bag with only wraps
    Break 7:00 for 2k on the erg
    Build deadlift to 310/20/1 or 405/5/1
    Run Quanah Hill Massacre (beat 2018 time)
    Run sub 28:00 5km (should be easy)
    Run Turkey Trot (beat 2018 time)
    Donít die (or die very suddenly)

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    Let's keep the saddest log on the forums going with a RACE REPORT!!!

    I showed up at the SouthWest Ergometer Amateur Tournament (SWEAT) in February without training. The plan was to pull a 1:59/500m split for the 2km race distance. For those not in the know, a grown man should be able to pull a sub 8:00 2k without training (which is anything < 2:00/500m). That's my opinion, at least.

    I showed up in a sport coat and tie because it was funny. I also wanted to make sure everyone knew I was just fooling around. I can't have people thinking this was my best effort.

    I rowed the Men's Open which is the category where all the scary guys row trying to get the $500 travel voucher that Concept2 gives anyone that qualifies for the national championship. I would not be getting $500.

    The race went off and I held 1:59/500m for 1,500m. I'm a rowing coach so if I say I'm going to hold a split, I'm going to hold my split. I yell at kids all day about hitting their training numbers and I wasn't about to miss mine.

    With 500m to go, I dropped the world's smallest hammer on my opponents and finished with something like a 7:43.0. I'm only 43 seconds off my goal for next February. Only means I need to generate 60 more watts which is going to really suck.

    Physician coach thyself or something.

    Next up: I mail it in on a trail half marathon with about 2.5k of climb. I'm currently not running much, but I can squeeze in a few long runs and some hill repeats. I have 3 weekends free before that race. Not much margin for error, but it'll get done.

    I'd say that the first time you run a distance is the worst. Getting from the couch to a 5k is horrible. Every step is work. Getting from 5k to everything beyond isn't a lot of fun either because new mileage is hard to earn. However, you can chip away at a full marathon by simply extending one long run per week. Once you've run a distance, you can get back to it pretty easily even after a long layoff. Throw in two short runs during the week at a good clip and you've got a basic marathon training plan.

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    starting strength coach development program
    In the last month I hit a few personal milestones:

    2:26.17 Half Marathon
    2:18.23 20k
    1:50.19 10 mile
    1:42.48 10k

    When I say "competitive" I mean I race not that I win. I'm what they call an "also ran".

    I have also restarted LP for the press (power clean to press to be exact).

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