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    The muscleup eluded me all summer last year, despite a 75 # pullup, 120# dips for five and max of 15 strict/ 18 kipping pullups. I eventually gave up, as I couldn't nail the transition. A few weeks ago, while I was in the park with my daughter, I began playing around on the pullup bar, and almost got one. I then nailed it, albeit with a superstrong kip, on the fifth try. Since then, I did sets of singles on top of the cable crossover(the pullup bars at my gym suck), with one minute rest, for 10 reps, then five more, staggered in during the session. Then it was 15 reps at 45 secs, 20 reps at 30 secs, 25 reps at 20 secs, then a few doubles four days ago, triples with one min. rest yesterday, and four today at the crossover. When I can hit 8-10 reps, I'll try the crossfit nasty girls workout. Anyone have any tips for improving the muscleup, strengthwise, so they can be done strict(no kip)?

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    Great Job on doing one!

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