So I at least partially tore my rotator cuff back in September. Shut down the gym, eventually shut down everything for about five weeks. I was worried that I'd come back, it wouldn't feel better, and I'd need to start over with surgery.

So far, it is looking like I'll avoid that.

Third session back today, all just front squat 135 x 5 x 3 , Bench or Decline 95 x 10 x 3 with some light pulling on a machine. After the first session it was stiff, but since then it feels almost as good as new (still a little funny at the very top of my range overhead). I think there may have been some atrophy from disuse. Not 100% out of the woods but so far I think I will fully recover-as much as you can at 41.

Weight stayed OK even considering my eating/drinking and exercise went sideways for three months, I didn't let it get out of control, which is a good lesson. No extremes either way.