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    First time lifting in the morning shortly after waking. 12 oz choc milk, apple, c4 preworkout and creatine in me.

    3x5x220-eyes gonna pop. 4, 4.5, 5 minutes rest. Reps 4 and 5 grindy. Right bicep aggravated.

    Press-man squatting just wrecks me. Hard to recover enough to press. 2, 3 minutes between sets.
    115x1-tied lifetime PR. Especially for only weighing 200. Last time I hit this I was heading toward 220. Also blacked out when I hit lockout and barely made the j hook. Didn't hit the floor. Well then. First time for everything.

    Weighted Chins- 4 minutes rest

    Nutrition was fantastic all weekend.

    I travel to VA tomorrow for a family vacation. Aiming to train on Friday at a crossfit box in norfolk. Going to attempt to not lose any weight.

    I am not trying to pack weight on quickly. Just a very slow lean amount of muscle as I go. My recovery and sleep schedule will not let me add it quickly, I'll just get fat. Been there done that twice.

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    Good work, man. Taking it slow and steady seems to fit your life circumstance quite well.

    First time I ever hit a partial blackout was also on press, during a morning when I trained shortly after waking. Weird feel, right?

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    Thanks man! Yeah slow and steady is all I can manage. Can't be greedy.

    And yeah very weird feeling!! Good way to sprain a wrist.

    Difference from lifting and eating cleaner is becoming more visible. I look better at 200 than 190.

    Nutrition with traveling has been terrible all week though. I hammered chinese late last night to try to get ready for today.


    Training at BURNfit crossfit in suffolk, va today. I also have a cold hitting. Tomorrow will be the worst day it feels like. C4 and DayQuil preworkout.
    No collars. No racks only stands so no safety pins. $10 ain't bad though.
    No pins makes it very enticing to rack it on rep 4 or get it on rep 5.

    Squat-first time ever using an Ohio power bar and oh man do I love the center knurl and the stability it gives.
    3x5x225-happy day 2PPS
    4, 4, 5 minutes rest

    5x295-this came pretty easy. Belt and chalk.

    Press-skipped the change plates as they are in a room with a class. 3-3.5 minutes between sets
    95x3, 2+1, 3

    I lost it forward after lockout on the 2nd rep of set 2. Went to rack it and a plate slid off. Stupid no collars. At least they are bumpers. Immediately unracked and hit another rep.

    5, 5

    10 (I did a set of 15 and a set of 10 yesterday)

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