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    I'll start one.

    lil history, Ive been from 300+ down to 165 and running a lot which tore up my knees and got Old real fats plus sucks starving, few years messing around with just trying to look good hanging out around 200-215. The last 2.5 years or so I made the switch to being an athlete and competing in strongman and PLing. Currently 260lbs or so Came back from blown bicep tendon (atlas stones) 14 month ago, and currently nursing a partially torn patella tendon LOL. In general I am held together with bailing wire and duct tape since I was young I got a leg riped off and crushed by a utility truck rebuilt, hip, pelvic etc. but hey just another day and my hurdle in life to clear.

    Thats about it. Mainly concentrating on Raw PLing right now,. Just did the Arizona States Meet in the APF and won my weight class in the push Pull, dint squat do to the tendon. Now really trying to get squat back and bench up inline with my deadlift which is edging ever closer to 700.

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    Lower ME

    Notes: feel OK, good sleep. I have been laying of the food a bit since the meet two weeks ago but BW at 260, not bad. I think I did strain my right spinal erector a bit on the 680 DL in the meet, not bad but it is strained a bit, Ill live.

    1A) Squat
    Me x a lot
    135 x 5 x 2sets
    185 x 5 x 2sets
    222 x 5 x 2sets
    315 x 5 (add belt)
    405 x 3, 5 (with knee wraps), 5 3
    315 x 3 paused at depth

    These went VERYT well today major progress Il be back at 5 plates plus in no time if this keeps up. NO knee pain at all what so ever and Im getting depth pretty well, Been doing a lot of just body weight squats in the pool to get stuff stretched out.

    This new form is going to work, My adductor felt like it was going to EXPLODE on the 4th set of 405 so I called it at three, Ill take steady progress.

    Keep working on pushing that as back, spreading the floor, and getting depth and that?s POP on the bottom.

    1B) Sternum Pull Ups
    BW x 5 x 10 sets

    2A) GHR
    BW x 8 PR, 7, 6, then one set high rep back extensions

    2B)step ups
    Bw x 3 sets

    2C) Side bends
    110lb DB

    Very Positive day, I?m happy this is the best squatting has felt really since before the new year as far as lack of knee pain. Low back and hams and adductors were pumped as all hell and I ran out of gas pretty quick after the squats, More food.


    3rd set of squats

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    Racquetball 1 hour against a guy that I out weight by 115 lbs LOL. Great way for a 260lb + person to work up a sweat and have fun doing it

    It was a blast essentially an hour of intervals. First time I had played in about 35 lbs. A great time and as good a way as I remember to get some cardio like activity in and have it not suck. I still say you want to do cardio go play a game or something.

    The first match was the longest game in the history of racquetball I think at just over 40 minutes. I lost a whopping 14 to 21 when it was aid and done. Next match I came back and puled in the lead 13 to 12 when time ran out.

    Next time I have the plan of just running into him in one nice full speed collision early on and I know from that point on the game will be mine LOL

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    OH press day
    Just put in the work. Not trying to push things to hard for a bit kind of the valley between the peaks after the meet letting small things heal up. Shoulder had minimal discomfort a few times.

    1A) Strict OH Press from rack set at nose
    bar x some
    95 x 10
    115 x 5
    135 x 3
    185 x 3
    225 x 2
    245 x 1
    225 x 1 x 10 sets
    Nothing ground breaking but got he work in this is the hardest place for my set at my nose. Get this up a few more Lbs and Il have a 300 push pres in no time. First of the year.

    1B) DB curls
    20 x10
    30 x 5
    40 x 5
    50 x 5 x 15 sets

    I am finally getting that consistent work in Ive been dodging since blowing the bicep tendon and having it repaired. These were good nice and controlled no pain in the distal tendon insertion, a bit in the proximal. I can tell its still very tight, slow progress

    DB OH press
    20 lbs 1 x 50

    Foam roller on low back, hams, arse, and IT band.

    Nothing GREAT but it was what it was.

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    Saturday Oly and DL fun day

    Feel ok, right erector still a lil not right but Il live shoulder achy a lil, Nothing major
    Rub some dirt and massengil on it and hit the gym

    1Complex and mobility work
    Power Snatch, Snatch balance, OH squat, back squat
    50 x 1 x 2 set
    60 x 1 x 2 set
    70 x 1 x 2 set
    75 x 1 x 2 set

    225 x 3
    315 x 3
    405 x 1
    495 x 1
    600 x 2 x 3 sets

    Felt good to get 600 in my hands again after the meet. That?s kind of a standard to my training right now at least 600 gets DL?s on Saturdays and its working multiple sets with loads I know I can make my bitch and very rare jump to get a PR

    1 set of BB rows

    4) Episode 2 of Make Phil Your Bitch Unscripted LOL
    Fun stuff but I really wanted to go heavier they wouldn?t pansies

    5) drag truck 45 second., that?s always a JOY to close with They thought we were going to skip it until I brought it up J

    That?s it

    Happy Birthday Mom I?ll always Miss you and love you


    DL set 3

    Episode 2

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    Upper ME 2 Sept 1st

    Notes: feel OK except a Troy and his family kept me up past my bedtime feeding me pasta and a few drinks, helped me bloat on a nice 6 lbs I?ll pee off in a few days LOL

    Still sticking with the bit higher rep stuff approx 8RM The plan was to this for three weeks after my meet But I think I will stay a bit lighter load higher rep longer. My AC joint is still acting up a bit and its load dependent seems anything over 365 makes it bug me and Id rather address this now then push forward and let it become a real problem. Seeing as I have 6 months prior to my next meet I have plenty of time and getting out of my usual of 1-3 reps will likely give me some nice hypertrophy gains as well. So Il just push it as far as the shoulder lets me each week and play it a bit smart while still pushing the envelope

    1) Pin Press Mid Range ( ring finger on rings) Pin # 8
    Bar x some
    95 x20
    135 x 10
    185 x 8
    225 x 5
    275 x 3
    315 x 3
    335 x 10
    385 x 1 x 3 sets

    Again just a guess of my 8 RM, Pleased again to go over it and get 10 then hit some singles at 385

    Changed my footing a bit trying to go a little wider, felt OK

    1B) side bends
    155 x 5 x 8 sets

    3) Incline DB Press
    90 x 10 x 3 sets

    2 and 3 B)
    Chest supported DB rows
    70 x 12 x3
    80 x 8 x 3

    All in all good day


    335 x10

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    Extra workout just to get some blood flowing and work on my clean form. Just get moving wake up

    Power Clean the front squat
    20kg x 2 x 2sets
    40kg x 2 x 2sets
    50kg x 2 x 2sets
    60kg x 2 x 2sets
    70kg x 2 x 2sets
    80kg x 1 x 2sets
    90kg x 1 x 2sets
    just power cleans from here Dont want o tweak knee and Im squating tomorrow
    100kg x 1 x 2sets
    110kg x 1 x 2sets
    120kg x 1
    100kg x 2

    Not bad If I actually ever devote some time to this I think I could have a decent Powerclean. The 120 was anything but pretty didnt get my shelf made right so it bit me a tad but made it none the less

    I also did some very light band work for my shoulders during this just prehab type stuff

    Ok day

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    some strong lifting there...nice press & squat & deadlift.

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    Thanks Baker. There coming along finally. Im really pleased with the squat coming back after Rip was here for a visit. Ive been battling a partially torn patella and the past two weeks for the first time Im hitting decent loads and no pain. I should be able to progressively push it up again


    My first day missing a training session I hadnt planned to in heck, I dont know. Just tired as heck today and decided to put it off. Be smart and come back tomorrow a usual day of and get the squats in.

    Sometimes you got to know when to walk away

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    starting strength coach development program
    Squat 9/4/08

    Notes: lack of sleep again about 4 hours and body weight down but wasnt going to put it off again just go do what I can. Knew I wouldnt be repping things so thought Id go up in load a bit. Nothing impressive but the most weight Ive had on my shoulders for a squat since tearing the tendon in May so Hey its progress.

    bar x some
    135 x 5 x 2 sets
    225 x3
    275 x 3
    315 x 2
    365 x 2
    405 x 2 (right knee started to come in, get your head in the game)
    425 x 1
    445 x1
    455 x1 ( depth questionable but right on the line)
    405 x 1
    365 x 3 x 2 sets

    Explosive Ring Pull Ups
    11 sets

    315 x 5
    365 x 5

    thats all folks

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