Hello Everyone,

Starting a training log to track and share my progress and stories as I train over the next year to start playing rugby again.

Fractured my spine at 15 playing the sport, and through lack of knowledge and ineffective treatment for years to follow, I wasted a lot of time. I am now 26, and want to be playing at the top flight of amatuer rugby here in Scotland by the time I hit 30.

At 15 I had been called up to the U16 squad here and was running 100m in 11.4

I made a good start for the first few months of the year, but will be the first to admit I let the training slip through the summer, after getting a bout of flu (thought it was a good excuse at the time). I plan on using SS until I run the programme dry.

Short Term Goals (December 2008):

1) Lost 16 pounds when I had the flu dropping down to 140. Plan is to hit 175 by the end of the year (35 pounds).

2) Advance past the formative novice stage, and start on more specific rugby related training.

3) Maintain food log on Fitday.

Long Term Goals (Summer 2009):

1) Play rugby!

2) Sub 11 sec 100m

I would be extremely happy to achieve either of my long term goals.

Peoples' thoughts, comments and experience is all welcomed and appreciated.