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Thread: Fred's modified SS Geezer log

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    Default Fred's modified SS Geezer log

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    I am 66 and recently retired. 5' 10" 200 pounds. I started trying to do some lifts in April with a lot of trouble trying to squat because of shoulder stiffness. Turns out I cannot perform overhead pressing at all so I will be doing a slightly different program than the standard SS.

    I started a log in the SS area but I think it might fit in better over here.
    FRED's Attempt at NLP

    I will just hit the highlights here:

    I began in April. I workout twice a week.

    BP 110-5
    DL 70-5
    SQ 70-5
    ROW 70-5

    I did not know about SS until sometime in June and started something similar after that date. I will only show work sets.

    Fast forward to 7-20-2020
    BP 150-5-5-5
    SQ 130-5-5 [the last time I did SQ due to shoulder issues. It kept getting worse.]
    ROW 140-5
    DL 95-5 [started regular DL progression] 7-30-20

    The 3x5 on BP ran out and I went to 3's. I did not reset but just kept adding weight. I have been sporadic with rows. Large projects at home taking my energy this summer. Wah! Probably not the best time to start lifting for an old guy but times not stopping. Sometimes on the DL I also cannot get 5 reps so I do 2 sets of 3. Seems to be a lightheaded issue at times. But I have kept adding weight.

    Jumping forward to this month:

    BP 175-3-3-3-3
    DL 175-5

    BP 177-3-3-3-3
    DL 180-5
    ROW 120-5-5

    BP 180-3-3-3-3
    DL 185-3-3

    BP 182-3-3-3-3
    DL 190-3-3

    BP 185-3-3 170-5 10 hours hard work previous day killed it. A lesson here.
    DL 195-5

    BP 187-3-3 170-5
    DL 200-3-3

    BP 190-3 170-5-5 Waited extra day but still harder on top weight but still a pr every workout.
    DL 205-3

    It looks pretty plain Jane with out squats and presses but I am trying to work squats in with shoulder stretch but not doing that well yet. They are a main goal for the near future. I know they are important.

    Most likely I will try to follow this basic program...

    Example 21-1: 3-In-2 Program, No Presses

    Squat 3x5
    Bench 3x5
    Deadlift 1x5
    Lat Pulls 3x10

    Sullivan, Jonathon M; Baker, Andy. The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40 (p. 375). The Aasgaard Company. Kindle Edition.

    I will at some point break it up to Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Adjusting sets and reps as needed.

    Monday ....Wednesday ......Friday
    Bench .......Deadlift ......... Bench
    Squat ........ Rows ........... Squat

    Comments welcome
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    I don't think you can do better than Sullivan and Baker. This website is excellent as well. Don't forget to tell us about your visit with an SS coach.

    I will try to remember to follow you here.

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    Please don't be offended by this, but with a BP of 190 and a DL of 205, it seems to me as though you should be lifting much heavier in the DL.

    As for your shoulder problems in the squat, can you find a way to take a wider hand spacing with the rack or supports you have? I don't have shoulder problems from the squat, but it is difficult to get them loosened up enough to get the bar low enough on my back and get my wrists set up better. My own solution was finding some squat supports I could move in closer than the standard power rack widths would allow my hands to go. Perhaps if you can squat again with success you can get some more mojo in your DL.

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    Hi Mark.

    Not offended at all nor confused as to why it's this way. I did not start doing a deadlifts almost until the end of July . Until then I had sporadic workouts due to not enough time or energy. If you notice that since 7-20-20 that the bench went up 40 pounds and the deadlift went up 110 pounds. 7-30-20 was when I started NLP for the first time.

    As far as the squats I will be working harder to get the necessary position as soon as I can. Just have to be careful with the shoulders.

    Mojo...I like that!!
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    9-25-20 Friday

    BP 192-2 200-1 (PR)
    DL 200-5 (PR)
    ROW 120-5 145-5 (PR)

    Squats still a no go but trying. Overall a good day. Now for that 20oz. sirloin I have marinating.

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    Fell behind with log so here goes.

    Big thanks to Mark Hurling for suggesting that I widen my grip on the squat to outside the uprights. So far so good. Still have to be very easy with the shoulders but better. Way out of comfort zone with the squats these days so having to start light. Baby steps.

    9-29-20 TUES
    BP 175-5-5 165-5
    SQ 70-5-5-5

    10-2-20 FRI
    BP 177-5-5 167-5
    DL 210-4
    SQ 75-5-5-5

    10-5-20 MON
    BP 180-4 162-5
    SQ 80-5-5-5

    10-7-20 WED
    DL 215-1 180-3 215 WAS IT. 1ST RESET

    10-9-20 FRI
    BP 180-4 162-5 152-5
    SQ 90-5-5-5

    Mojo rising..

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    10-12-20 Monday
    Bench 182-3-3-3 165-5
    Squat 95-5-5-5

    10-14-20 Wednesday
    Dead 170-5

    10-16-20 Friday
    Bench 185-3-3-3 165-5
    Squat 100-5-5-5

    10-19-20 Monday
    Bench 187-3 170-5-5
    Squat 105-5-5-5

    10-21-20 Wednesday
    Dead 180-5

    10-23-20 Friday
    Bench 192-3* 175-5
    Squat 110-5-5-5

    10-26-20 Monday
    Squat 115-5-5-5

    * Denotes PR

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    10-27-20 Tuesday

    Bench 195-2* 205-1* 210-1*

    Good day on the bench. I will be glad when the squats pass these numbers.

    Turned 67 this month so even more of a geezer now..
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    10-29-20 Thursday

    Squats 120-5-5-5
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    starting strength coach development program
    I read your post on Carson's log. You sure got it right. Whenever I want to feel bad I look at my training logs from 1998.

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