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    Weigh-In: 274

    Squat 220x8x3 @8
    Leg Press 365x15,315x15,275x15
    Seated Calf Raise 75x12,9,7 (28 total)
    Leg Extension 150x16,9,6 (31 total)

    Squats definitely got harder as the sets progressed. I really don't want to bump the rest interval up past 5 minutes, so it's time to slow down the jumps. Went back to three sets for the leg press, I don't think chopping volume off them was really the answer to these stress issues.

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    Weigh-In: 273.4

    Strict Press 140x5x3 @8
    Chest Supported Row 190x8,170x8,150x8
    DB Incline 70x10,60x12,50x12
    Incline Curl 30x18,6,4 (28 total)
    DB Lateral Raise 32.5x12,7,5 (24 total)
    Reverse Pec Deck 120x20,9,5 (34 total)

    I am so fed up dealing with people. They fuck up the dumbbell rack so goddamn bad. Shit is just all over the place when there is a clearly labeled spot for every weight. I'm going back to being an antisocial barbell guy after the honeymoon, this powerbuilding stuff is making me look a little better, but it's not getting me anywhere close to new PRs. I think the curls and the incline presses went back a bit because of elbow stability issues. I missed rep 11 of that first incline set because the elbow just wasn't bringing the weight up like it should.

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    Weigh-In: 275.8

    Deadlift 375x5x3 @8
    Calf Press 325x20,16,11 (47 total)
    Seated Leg Curl 175x14,9,6 (29 total)

    Didn't do the SLDLs to save time. Soreness all over the legs still remaining from Tuesday. The leg curls were really fucking uncomfortable. I will not miss them.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Are you doing or have you ever done "cardio"?

    If not, something you might want to think about adding.

    Its not about burning calories, or burning fat ... hell, its not even about improving your heart, the "cardio" part of "cardiovascular".

    Its about angiogenesis of capillaries within in the muscle. And therefore everything improves: work capacity while training, and more blood into muscle at all times, more nutrients, aminio acids, glucose, etc is shuttled in and out faster. Improves insulin response / glucose sensitivity.

    Start with 20 min of light easy cardio (you should be able to carry on talking to someone).
    Build up to 35-40 minutes over 2 week. Do it 2x/week.
    This is so easy there should not be any interference effect whatsoever.

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