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Thread: Hypertrophy/Cutting log

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    Can't really update daily anymore, not a lot of time. Here's another weekly dump.


    Bench 185x4x3
    Seated DB Press 40x10x3
    DB Lateral Raise 15x15,15,10 (40 total)
    Rear Delt Partial 15x15,15,10 (40 total)


    Squat 215x4x3
    SLDL 245x8x2
    Pulldown (supine) 180x10x2


    Press 120x4x3
    DB Bench 45x10x3
    Incline Supination Curl 15x20x3 (60 total)
    Overhead Triceps Extension 40x20,20,10 (50 total)


    Deadlift 315x4
    Bent Row 95x10x3
    Hack Squat 240x15
    Calf Press 235x20,20,15 (55 total)

    Still trying to explore this gym and find what I like. A lot of old equipment with bad ergonomics. Leg extension machine is totally useless for me. The "pad" doesn't go down far enough and has barely any pad to it. End result is a squared metal bar grinding into my shins with every rep. Probably gonna drop the SLDL and try the lying leg curl for next week. Felt like the SLDLs and squats were too much and made my deadlift weaker later in the week. The DB bench could've been heavier but my elbow is still bothering me and it was really acting up on those.

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    Bench 185x5x3
    Seated DB Press 40x10,10,5
    Seated Lateral Raise 10x15,10,7
    Rear Delt Partial 15x20x3


    Squat 215x5x3
    Pulldown (Supine) 180x10x3
    Lying Leg Curl 100x9, 70x9,5


    Strict Press 115x5x3
    DB Bench 45x10x3
    Incline Supination Curl 20x20,20,12
    Overhead Triceps Extension 50x20,14,9


    Deadlift 315x6


    Bench 155x5x3
    Strict Press 95x5x3


    Squat 175x5x3
    Deadlift 245x5

    Decided the volume two weeks ago was too high, especially stacked up against the recovery demands from work. Last week I only did the two workouts with lighter weight, and they actually felt fairly heavy. I can't believe a fucking 245x5 deadlift felt heavy. This week I'm going to try and lighten up a bit along with a more minimalist workout approach. I'm going to try doing one of the greyskull LP variants that puts emphasis on rows and chins, since I've always felt those movements I'm lagging with. A nice light start and less days in the gym should give me more time to recover. I'm hoping this does the trick. My new living situation is really hard to puzzle through and still make gains in the gym. I still can't even get close to old numbers from before the move.

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    Squat 185x5x2, x10
    Bench 145x5x2, x18
    Pulldown (Supine) 160x5x2, x20


    Yates Row (Supine) 115x5x2, x20
    Strict Press 95x5x2, x15
    Deadlift 275x15


    Squat 195x5x2m x10
    Bench 155x5x2, x18
    Pulldown (Supine) 180x5x2, x20


    Weigh-In: 275.8

    Yates Row (Supine) 135x5x2, x20
    Strict Press 105x5x2, x13
    Deadlift 295x15

    It's really nice actually having 2 days of rest minimum between each session. I don't know if this will be very effective training yet, but I feel a lot better both inside and outside the gym. Work tasks also feel a lot less heavy and difficult. Obviously I started really light here. Last sets for each lift are more or less AMRAP, the slight exception being for deadlift and squat, which I tend to cut off with a few reps left just to avoid overdoing it. Eventually they'll get close to being 5 rep sets and the workouts will transition over time into being harder. Also finally found my scale, looks like my weight hasn't really changed significantly in two months.

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    Weigh-In: 272.2

    Squat 205x5x2, x10
    Bench 165x5x2, x15
    Pulldown (supine) 200x5x2, x15

    Feels like a bit of a drop in performance. Might just be because the initial 5s are getting a little more taxing.

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    Weigh-In: 276.6

    Yates Row (supine) 155x5x2, x13
    Strict Press 110x5x2, x11
    Deadlift 315x12


    Weigh-In: 276.8

    Squat 215x5x2, x10
    Bench 175x5x2, x15
    Pulldown (supine) 210x5x2, x12


    Weigh-In: 278.4

    Yates Row (Supine) 160x5x2, x12
    Strict Press 115x5x2, x11
    Deadlift 325x12

    Tried to get away with bringing frequency back up, I think that was a mistake. The AMRAP deadlift two days after an AMRAP squat left me really beat up, and combined with work I think it contributed to an injury. Feels like the same thing as I had once before, likely in the SI joint. Not as bad as the original injury, but similar pains in the same spot. Not as intense, but it's still fucking with my ability to move around comfortably or transmit any force through my hips and low back.
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    Weigh-In: 275.6

    Squat 135x5x2,185x5
    Bench 185x5x2, 185x11
    Pulldown(supine) 215x5x2, x10

    Took it easy on the low back with this one, since whatever went in my back was still bothering me and I wanted to get some work in but not risk re-injury.


    Weigh-In: 277.2

    Yates Row (Supine) 165x5x2, x13
    Strict Press 120x5x2, x10
    Deadlift 335x10


    Weigh-In: 275.2

    Squat 225x5x2, x10
    Bench 190x5x2, x11
    Pulldown (Supine) 220x5x2, x10


    Weigh-In: 281.8

    Yates Row (Supine) 170x5x2, x12
    Strict Press 125x5x2, x8
    Deadlift 345x10

    After this one I'm going into cutting weight for the beginning of the new year. I'd like to trim down closer to 250 and see if I feel more comfortable moving around like that. Even at 275 things like getting down on my knees bug me.


    Weigh-In: 272.8

    Pause Bench 195x6, 165x12
    Chest Supported Row 180x20,10,5 (35 total)
    Arnold Press 30x10x3
    Side Lying Lateral Raise 10x17,8,5

    From here on I'll be doing a 3 day per week split. Only one day will be lower body focused due to work demands. I worry too much strain on the hips, low back, and midsection will lead to more problems. Not sure about these lying lateral raises. I feel like the arnold presses got my shoulders pretty good. Everything but the bench was done with shorter rests, everything was 30 seconds between sets.

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    Weigh-In: 271.2

    Deficit SLDL 275x8, 225x12
    Bulgarian Split Squat bwx10x2
    Calf Press 315x20,15,8 (43 total)



    Pause Press 115x7, 95x7
    Pulldown (V-Grip) 150x10,10,9 (29 total)
    Dip Machine 195x17,6,4 (27 total)
    Cable Curls 60x20,10,6 (36 total)

    Did not like cable curls with the rope. Going to do incline curls instead.


    Weigh-In: 271.2

    Pause Bench 185x7, 170x8
    Chest Supported Row 195x15,9,6 (30 total)
    Dip Machine 195x20,10,7 (37 total)
    Incline Curl 20x20,10,7 (37 total)

    Decided to start doing the upper days more split instead of interspersed. All the chest and arms stuff is going with the bench, all the shoulder stuff is going on the same day as presses.


    Weigh-In: 269.8

    HB Squat 155x8, 135x12
    Goodmorning 135x8, 95x12

    Wanted to add a thing or two more, but I had to cut this session short due to a big snowstorm moving in. Had to get groceries for the week before the roads became undriveable.


    Weigh-In: 266.4

    Pause Press 115x7, 95x9
    Pulldown (V-Grip) 150x10x3 (30 total)
    Arnold Press 35x10,10,5 (25 total)
    Incline Front Raise 10x17,8,6 (31 total)

    Still struggling to find a good last exercise for the shoulders. I was feel like my front delts are holding me back on pressing, and visually they seem kinda small when I hold my arms neutral at my sides. The rear actually seems to bulge while the front looks like a straight line down. Anyway, I'll stick with these a while and see if I like the results. Pause pressing is pretty hung up, I think I may have started too heavy. Will try pulling back on weight next time around.


    Weigh-In: 266.6

    Incline Press 144x8, 125x12
    Chest Supported Row 210x16,8,5 (29 total)
    Dip Machine 210x20,11,6 (37 total)
    Incline Curl 25x10x3 (30 total)

    Changed from pause bench to Incline. I really want to get the front delts working better for a better strict press start.


    Weigh-In: 266.8

    Deficit SLDL 280x5, 230x9
    Bulgarian Split Squat 10x8x2
    Calf Press 335x20,10,5 (35 total)

    SLDLs were harder than last time by quite a bit, thanks to having the extra overtime day kick in the day before. So my back was more spent going in. Still got it done, though. Added weight to the split squats, 5 pounds in each hand. My main hope here is to build a little better balance on one foot, I seem pretty bad at that shit.

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    Weigh-In: 263.6

    Pause Press 105x7, 85x11
    Pulldown (V-Grip) 160x10,9,5
    Arnold Press 35x10,10,6


    Weigh-In: 265.8

    Incline Press 160x5, 130x9
    Chest Supported Row 210x17,9,6 (32 total)
    Dip Machine 225x20,10,5 (35 total)
    Incline Curl 15x10x3


    Weigh-In: 262.8

    HB Squat 160x5, 130x9
    Goodmorning 140x5, 100x9
    Leg Curl 80x10,5 60x7


    Weigh-In: 259.8

    Pause Press 105x8, 85x12
    Pulldown (V-Grip) 160x10,10,6
    Arnold Press 35x19,19,6
    Incline Front Raise 15x8,7,5


    Weigh-In: 261.6

    Incline Press 160x4, 130x10
    Chest Supported Row 225x16,9,6 (31 total)
    Dip Machine 240x16,7,4 (27 total)
    Incline Curl 20x10x3


    Weigh-In: 260.6

    Deficit SLDL 280x6, 230x10
    Split Squat 10x10x3


    Weigh-In: 262

    Pause Press 110x5, 90x9
    Pulldown (V-Grip) 160x10,10,7
    Arnold Press 35x10x3
    Cable Upright Row 75x20,20,15


    Weigh-In: 259.2

    Incline Press 160x3, 130x11
    Chest Supported Row 240x12,7,5 (24 total)
    Dip Machine 240x16,8,5 (29 total)
    Incline Curl 25x10x3


    Weigh-In: 256.8

    HB Squat 160x6, 140x7
    Goodmorning 140x6, 100x10
    Calf Press 345x20,10,5 (35 total)

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