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    Pleasure to be here!

    Right I'm on week 4 now. I've started to jog a lot now because it turns out I was close to professional level when 1.5 stone lighter.. wish I hadn't stopped the cardio. I'm doing a bit of martial arts and some bagwork too. So all in all I'm doing about 7 hours of cardio a week, mostly jogging.. I have very little hopes for hypertrophy lol, but will be happy with even slow strength improvements.

    WEEK 4

    Saturday 13th December

    Squats: 87.5k (5,5,5) (barspeed was slow, but I finally made it, thought I'd have to reset)

    Bench: 70k (5,5,4) (personal best for me)

    Deadlift: 110k (5) (ugh I hit 130k last session, but it turns out my form had been poor for a while, I'm back to doing what I handled at the start of the damn year, focking depressing but has to be done...)

    ns situps: 27.5k (always at a 45 degree angle and with an ez curl bar) (12,7)
    Hanging leg hip raise: 6k (always done until thighs are just above parallel with floor) (12)

    Monday 15th December
    Squats: 90k (5,4,3)
    Millitary press: 47.5k (5,5,5) personal best
    power clean: 55k (5,5,5) ive not done these for long but my form feels good now, Ill do the same weight one more time and then start increasing.

    Ns situps: 27.5k (14, 8)

    Wednesday 17th december
    Squats: 90k (5,5,5) I caught my knees either tracking inwards or outwards, I forget, anyhow I'm going to stick at this weight even though the rest of my form was fine.

    Bench: 70k (5,5,4) damn

    Deadlift: 110k (5) sure of form now, will start rainsing them again.

    NS situp: 27.5k 15,7 x2
    hanging leg hip raise: 6k (15)

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    Default Week 5 went to hell

    Week 5: Saturday 20th December

    I was very well rested for a change and had eaten well, but for some unknown reason this was a terrible workout.

    Squat: 90k (4) 85k (5,5) unbelievable, the 90k which was reasonably easy last time was unapproachable today, thank god I didn't go up like I was supposed to today.

    Millitary Press: 50k (3) 47.5k (4) 45k (5) =/

    power clean: 55k (5,5,5) even these felt damn hard, at least I finished I suppose.

    Was supposed to do abs and chins for the first time, but I decided to skip it.

    Do I try 50k again for the millitary press next workout?

    Monday 22nd December

    Well bugger me, I found that I had 10 minutes in the gym, becasue they had changed the timings around christmas.

    I just did some dips and abs.

    Wednesday 24th december

    Squat: 90k (5,5,4) well at least it's almost back to normal.

    Bench: 70k (5,5,5) I think I only managed that last rep becasue I had like 5 mins between the last 2 sets though. I let myself do that with squats sometimes, but am pretty sure thats way too long for the bench.

    Deadlift: 115k (5) I'm deweighting now, I used to never let the weight touch the floor for the whole set when I got up to 130k. Grip isn't getting as much of a workout, but it's easier for me to concentrate on my abs and back now I suppose.

    Dips: 10, 7

    NS situp: 27.5k 14,7
    hanging leg hip raise: 8k (15)

    Well I'm about o hit the gym again, still not sure whether to start the press at 50k again, oh well.

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    Week 6
    Saturday 27th December
    I was puking up for half of Friday this didn't go well.

    Squats: 90k (4) 85k (5,3)
    Millitary press: 50k (3) 47.5k (5,3)
    Powerclean: 57.5k (5,5,5)

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    Everything went to hell over Christmas due to timings and the fact that I got a bit ill, I managed to get a few irregular workouts in but will start recording again from when the regular routine was re-established.

    Week 6 Tuesday 13th January
    Squat: 87.5k (5,5,5)
    Bench: 72.5k (5,2,2) (really pissed off as I managed to hit 5,5,4 in my feck up period)
    Deadlift: 120k (5) easy

    Thursday 15th January
    Squat: 90k (5,5,5)
    Millitary press: 47.5k (5,4,3) should be at 52.5 by now..
    Cleans: 60k (5,5,5) last rep of each set a bit dodgy

    Saturday 17th January
    Squat: 90k (5,5,5) hmm not any easier, ill up it for a new PR hopefully
    Bench: 72.5k (4) 70K (5,5) DAMNIT, I'LL TRY 72.5 AGAIN NEXT TIME
    Deadlift: 130k (4) perhaps a bit of a cocky jump

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    cool numbers, keep up the good work.

    which martial arts do you train?

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    starting strength coach development program
    Thanks for the support! Well I train jeet kune do.. the Bruce Lee one, it's rather offensive just the way I like it. but I decided a few weeks ago to take a break from it for the duration of this routine, I'm only doing 3x 1 hour jogs of cardio a week at the moment, I'm hoping to have more power when i get back into it and will probably switch to a martial arts oriented routine after this.. or maybe will move to more of an intermediate strength training routine first.. I'll have to ask the RIP in a few months.

    Week 7 Tuesday 20th January

    squats: 92.5k (5,5,5) hmm depth was questionable on the last set though
    Millitary press: 47.5k (4) 45k (5,4) this idiot is finally going accept he wont get that PR back without deweighting.
    Powerclean: 60k (3,3,3,3,3) My first time @ 5 sets.. eassssy =D

    Thursday 22nd January
    Squats: 92.5 (5,5,5) ugh the bar slipped back to the high bar position on the last rep, was fucking scary lost my balance a bit. also this wasn't any easier than the last session, ill redo it at this weight one more time.
    Bench: 72.5k (5,4,3) well bugger me this was my hardest set of anything ever, I grunted more than on the squats!
    Deadlift: 130k (5) yay, i'm proud considering how much oomph I lost in the other exerxcises today.
    ns situps: 30k (always at a 45 degree angle and with an ez curl bar) 13,7 I think my abs are starting to get bloody strong now considering I'm still in strengthtraining bootcamp.
    Hanging leg hip raise:10k(always done until thighs are just above parallel with floor): 14


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