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    Default Best incline/decline bench for home

    I am in need of a bench for home use. Im 6' about 280 (I should be about 220, but...).
    Money is not an issue, I am more interested in getting the best piece of equipment I can so that I have no regrets or any issues with it being flimsy etc.
    The only equipment I will have in the house will be this bench, a set of titan adjustable dumbbells that I have had forever, and one type of cardio equipment (I have a stairmaster now, but multiple injuries to my knee is not going to allow me to use it any more, so I need to replace it with something knee friendly, a quest for another time...)
    I also have had some prior shoulder injuries, so a adjustable incline is very helpful to avoid certain angles I have trouble with. Im in my 60's, so injuries/limitations are part of what I need to work around. Also I need to be able to move it from time to time to make room for houseguests, as I will be using it in the spare bedroom (that has a fold out bed, so most of the room is open for this)
    anyway, I reviewed lots of posts here (probably not enough, but it seemed like a lot) and they said I should get a bowflex bench (just kidding, to see if you were actually reading my post).
    the one that I actually saw here that everyone seemed to like was the ironmaster superbench, and that one looks pretty good. some of the reviews elsewhere (like amazon), however, had a few issues with it, one being stability and the other being height from floor when flat. they didn't say it wasn't stable, just that it could use improvement. but many people didn't like the height when flat.
    the other one I found which gets great reviews, but costs about 2x the ironmaster, is the rogue ab-2 bench. this looks a bit beefier, and on the surface seems to be a bit more adjustable than the ironmaster, but again, hard to tell from a picture. I am just looking for something that works, and don't really care about the price.
    are there other high end benches I missed that I should consider?
    if not, between these two forgetting the price difference, why is one better than the other?
    thanks for any help on this. mail ordering gym equipment is such a pain; ideally i would check them out in person so I could get an idea of what I like best. I did check craigs list and nothing near me, so that's out. but I just want to get something that will last more or less forever, that doesn't take up too much room, and is adjustable enough to work around my issues and give me enough flexibility so I get a reasonable work out at home.

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    If you truly need an adjustable, Rep Fitness FB-5000 or FB-3000
    The 5000 is better, but the 3000 is still one if the best available


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