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    I go lift at my local YMCA they recently got some new equipment, mostly hammer strength racks, benches, plates, etc., Along with some xmark voodoo 20kg bars. They do have some older bars with good knurling that seem like they're good bars so I usually just find the "best" one I can find that's not being used (and I do mean best very loosely since I really don't think I could tell a great bar from an ok one at this time)... I'd rather setup a home gym but just don't have anywhere to do it, that way I could use the same equipment every session... But my question is how can you tell if a bar is good or not? Aside from the obvious of it not trying to fall apart... I am still on the NLP side of things so this is more forethought and just general knowledge seeking...

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    knurling ?
    sleeves spin/turn ?
    and roll it across the safety pins, or a flat floor, and see how bad it wobbles(bent)


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