Soft wrap over barbell rod for squats - ok or fail? Soft wrap over barbell rod for squats - ok or fail?

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Thread: Soft wrap over barbell rod for squats - ok or fail?

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    Default Soft wrap over barbell rod for squats - ok or fail?

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    I'm curious - in our gym we have such plastic soft wraps you can put on barbell's rod when squatting. Before that I noticed that doing already 80 kg squats i feel some pain on shoulders and if I use that wrap I'm fine. So the question is whether it's some fad better to avoid or valid equipment?

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    Hi Andy,

    In our gym we call that wrap the tampon..... for a good reason. As your squat goes up, you won't even notice the discomfort in your shoulders.

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    Likely I'm a bit odd about this, but I like that moment when you have un-racked the weight and step back to your lifting position. The bar feels heavy on your shoulders and you are saying a prayer for the fools and drunks before you start down into your first rep.

    Learn to represent that feeling and your ability to lift heavy things!

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    I don't see how the pad would be at all useful in a low bar squat. High bar, maybe. But for a low bar it would completely interfere with a secure bar placement.

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    The tampon exists for people who wanted to use the leg press machine to exercise but it was being used by some person doing calf raises so now they need to squat and they don't want to hurt their delicate back.

    The only use I see for it is seated calf raises in a home gym setting.


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