Should I build a platform? Should I build a platform?

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Thread: Should I build a platform?

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    Default Should I build a platform?

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    I have a Rogue RML-490 power rack bolted thru 3/4" rubber stall mats into my concrete garage gym floor. I have 6 stall mats which make up my workout area so I can lift inside/outside of the rack with no problem.
    It has worked well for the past two years but I'm thinking about making a few changes.

    I'm going to rotate it 90 degrees to face a different wall which should open up the space some more.

    1) Should I just go ahead and build a plywood platform while I'm at it?
    2) Any difference between lifting on plywood instead of rubber mats?
    3) Should I apply a finish to the plywood or will that make it too slick when it gets really humid out?
    4) Will my rack be too big for the standard platform plan out there?



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    I would build a plywood platform and screw the rubber mats on top of it.


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