Healthcare worker in need of home/ garage gym in Austin, Tx Healthcare worker in need of home/ garage gym in Austin, Tx

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Thread: Healthcare worker in need of home/ garage gym in Austin, Tx

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    Default Healthcare worker in need of home/ garage gym in Austin, Tx

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    I am a 34 year old male healthcare worker looking to find someone with a home/ garage gym that I can use while all commercial and small gyms are closed due to covid 19 restrictions are in place. I live in central/East Austin area but at this point beggars can't be choosy about location. I just would like a place with some heavy weights to train. I do not mind paying for the service, wearing a N95 mask while at the facility, or any other restrictions one might might have. I have exhausted my list of social network and social media searches in order to find one in my area (or any area). I would appreciate any help or search suggestions as I have tried Facebook, Craigslist, Google, etc. I'm a huge fan of everything that the Starting Strength community has done for me and my own family since reading the book and joining the community 8 months ago. If email or other information is needed please let me know. I understand that safety is the primary concern during these confusing times but I figured it is worth a shot. Any advice is appreciated since my home doesn't have the space for a squat rack.

    thank you in advance and be safe,
    Brandon Dillard

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    Sadly your profession is like being a leper at the moment

    No ones going to want to expose themselves to you

    I really appreciate what youíre doing


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    Brandon, I had the same problem (though not a HC worker) - I found a used rack at a Play it again and fixed it up. It took me a week or two to find all the equipment I need for the garage gym. Finally, Strength Co. guys are building squat stands w/ 4x4s, bolts, and concrete buckets- maybe they could give you a home depot solution.

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    I understand everyoneís hesitation and appreciate at least responding. I actually have built a 2x4 squat rack mentioned above. This is a link of how I built it. YouTube

    It is very cheap and easy given the fact that I have minimal skills in engineering.

    I would post a picture of mine if I knew how on this thread . I would advise anyone who uses this plywood squat to be very careful. There are ways to make it more sturdy but it still shakes when racking and unracking barbell. I have only 2 / 25 lb plates that fit the bar so I have attached buckets with landscape rocks to both sides. No clue how much it all weights but feels like an unsteady 275 lbs (+\- 15 pounds). Facebook , Craigslist and all stores donít are out of weights at the moment. At least something is getting done. Iím getting a lot of volume with my presses though. Open to any other ideas. Everyone stay safe. Iím grateful for the community and still having a job.



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