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Thread: Sled or Prowler Recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ericw View Post
    This seems like a disqualifying feature. First, this is the prowler version of pin setting, just load the damn plates. Second there is no way to record data on what was accomplished.
    Agreed to a point. I suggested it because I thought the prowler or other sleds were supplemental exercises not able to be used in a progressive overload capacity for anything but a short period. So I was viewing it as tracking progress similar to what one would on a bike - perceived effort and time spent. But I concede I could be wrong here, so now am going to re-read that section of the BBP now to make sure I understand correctly in case I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchless View Post
    Though, if I were to go back I’d probably get the Rogue Dog Sled. One place for plates (the center) but you can move the handles to either side. That’d be way easier than turning the damn thing around.
    Thanks for that tip, mitchless. I hadn't really been in the market for a prowler until Sully's video the other day, so I'm still looking around, and your observation is really helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Carter View Post
    BUT of the ones I have used in the past I prefer the sleds where you can move the handles from one side to the other. It's not a show stopper but having to flip the thing around for your next lap is mildly annoying.
    And that cements my thoughts on what to look for.

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    I too have fallen victim to Sully's video. I got the Rogue Echo Dog Sled. It's $70 less than the butcher, the handles can be switched and it's a 3 ships free item. So I got myself some chalk and a bucket which I needed anyway (been using the liquid stuff for ever) and saved $70 on shipping.

    My old gym had one of those Tanks. They are interesting how they work. The resistance increases the faster you go, but there is also 4 separate resistance settings. I actually talked to one of their reps who was demoing it in the gym one day and he pointed out that lots of folks use it incorrectly. They load it up on plates but that is really not the way to go. It doesn't need more than 4 plates and then you just pick the resistance from there.

    I think the sled is a million times better only because that Tank is hard as hell to turn it around and you're actually only supposed to push it one direction.

    I am pretty excited for my sled to come. I haven't done conditioning work in a year and a half. It is going to suuuuuck. The chalk and bucket of course came in like 4 or 5 days after I ordered it. The sled is supposed to arrive tomorrow. eeeeeee

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