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    As I'm sure many of you know, it is very difficult to find power racks, benches, and barbells to make a home gym since they are in such high demand. I managed to find what I needed and am looking for some plates though, and nobody seems to have any. Even on Craigslist within 100 miles of me.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on where I might find some or should look to?

    P.S. I'm located near Pittsburgh, PA.
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    You don't mention your location, that could help. But everyone is in the same boat. I got very lucky...checked Craigslist about 4 times a day for 2 weeks and found a (more or less) reasonably priced listing with almost everything I needed, at least for the next few months. I got the rest (5s and 2.5s) from a local manufacturer who still had a few in stock. I also got an extra power bar of the deal. Needs some TLC but it's straight.

    I'm guessing you'll be able to buy used gear for pennies on the dollar in a few months. Now, you'll be paying above retail for anything you find. So consider what it's worth to you.

    Also if you have friends/ family in other locales have them keep an eye on their local Craigslist or other marketplaces. Good luck.

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    I heard Iron Company has them, I don’t know their pricing though, I personally wouldn’t bite at iron for much more than ~$1/lb


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