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Thread: York Barbell, need INFO

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    Default York Barbell, need INFO

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    Looking for Info on this old school york barbell.
    Olympic or power?
    Restoration tips?
    Anything about the bumper plates?

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    Those are real nice if that bar is straight itís a very good quality set
    The plates are milled so they are true to their marked weight

    Soak the plates in coke or white vinegar for a few days and it will take the rust off

    Then dry them and either paint them or just rub some gun solvent on them and wipe off the excess

    Use some penetrating oil on the bar end set screws so you donít strip them, let it soak in for a few days

    Then take them off and clean the bar with some hoppes 9 gun solvent let it soak on them for a few days the wipe it dry

    I have eight 400lb york sets that vintage and Ive had them since the early 70s they are still in perfect shape

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    No center knurl? > Olympic bar
    Vintage? probably 70's to early 80's

    The milled iron plates will clean up easily.

    I'm not a bumper guy, so I've got nothing.


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