My 3" starting strength belt was covered with 2 millimetre thick mold when I took it out from the gym bag after a 3 month loooong COVID lockdown. Thanks to Katie from Dominion Strength, I was able to restore the belt back to its original glory with the help of vinegar and sunlight. This is where I hang my belts now - on the power rack itself, where else!!??

Video: YouTube

Two pieces of 5 mm diameter circular steel rods were bent into "J" shape and were welded on the back side of the rear posts of the power rack. Now I hang my 3" Starting Strength belt, old 4" belt, the dip belt, and the deadlift straps (never used) on these hooks. The belts don't interfere with the lifts. These hooks are strong - these were load tested with a 20 kg plate and there wasn't any visible deflection.

So next time you make or order your power rack, it may be a good idea to add a couple of hooks at some convenient location.

TIP: Don't worry if you already have a power rack without hooks - just get a couple of strong magnetic hooks.