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    Hello All,

    I am one of the owners of Cambridge Strength & Conditioning | Cambridge Strength & Conditioning (Login • Instagram) living in New Hampshire. One of the other owners recently moved to NH and we decided to open another powerlifting/strength gym up here. We are looking for a space in Manchester but for now we are in a large detached garage at one of our houses in Amherst, NH.

    For now we are making the gym available every night 6p-10p, except for Fridays which will have no hours for now. Fridays we will be down at CSC in Arlington, MA. When we move to Manchester we will be a 24/7/365 key club like CSC.

    We have really great equipment thanks to CSC... can't buy anything right now with the pandemic shortages. Two benches with rogue competition pads, Serpa adjustable competition squat stands (extra points if you know what those are), and deadlift platforms. We are just looking to get a crew together for now and will not be charging anything until we move into the business location. At CSC we have hosted the SS seminar and camps in the past and we are happy to help new people get started with The Program- to be clear we are not starting strength coaches but have coached a few hundred people in the ways of SS. We both compete and want to get a central New Hampshire powerlifting group together. I am a USPA referee and will be helping with future NH meets.

    If anyone is interested in stopping by or wants more information please reach out and we will get you the specific address.

    Here is the website which we really haven't setup yet... just stolen from our CSC page- Free State Barbell Club FSBBC – The Free State Barbell Club is a powerlifting club in New Hampshire



    Micah and Wayne

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm from there originally and am excited to see this kind of option opening up.


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