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    Question Suggestions on new bar - UK

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    Hi everyone! Newbie here from the UK.

    I've started lifting around April (right when lockdown was beginning) and managed to buy a Jordan 5FT barbell, it's only 13kg but I've been looking at getting a proper new 7FT one.

    I don't do any oly, though I wouldn't disregard it for the future but right now it's mostly the big compounds. Since Rogue is always out of stock in the EU and their postage pricing is horrendous, I've shortlisted a few bars but have no idea which one to go to, mainly with the shaft diameter. I know 28 and 28.5 is what's commonly used for Oly and 29 for Powerlifting but will it really make that much of a difference?

    Here's a couple I've selected:

    • Or REP Fitness Stainless Steel Power Bar which is in stock new on Ebay here for £300

    Thanks and apologies for yet another one of these threads!

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    I have the ATX hybrid power bar for one year now. Works perfect for all starting strength lifts. I like the knurling and the finish of the bar. I never used the others ones, so I canít give you any feedback on those. But it is very big improvement on the all the bars that Iíve been using in commercial gyms.

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    I’ve got the ATX Competition Powerlifting Bar and I love it, picked it up from Gym Revolution in person last year (the owner was really helpful and not pushy, left me in the gym with a few different ones to try even though I said I wanted that one, being more expensive than the others).

    The thickness feels good, even if on paper it’s only slightly bigger than the other bars. The knurling is great, it’s listed as aggressive but I just find it really grippy and comfortable.


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