Smooth sections of bar not so smooth Smooth sections of bar not so smooth

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Thread: Smooth sections of bar not so smooth

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    Hello all. I have recently purchased an ATX Ram bar (ATX Ram Bar (Powerlifting)) and it's great. The knurl is pretty coarse but it's still comfortable, much better than commercial bars. My only issue is the smooth unknurled sections are rather grippy. It catches on my shorts both on the way up and down when deadlifting. The bar has a black oxide finish. Has anyone else had any experience with this kind of roughness? Tempted to see if I could polish it out perhaps.

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    I *think* this is common on the way up when deadlifting but I’ve never paid any attention to it. Meaning it doesn’t bother me. Since you own the bar, why not get some fine grit emory cloth and polish away? You’ll remove some of the black coating that you paid for but it might make it less grabby.


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