So, I built a cable station for the garage. It hangs from my squat rack. I built it initially to train a friend who can't yet do pull-ups, even with a band, following an extremely long period of detraining and a recent labrum repair. Even bands were out of the question. So, pull-downs it is!

I've been known to spice up training with some bodybuilding movements from time-to-time and always enjoyed machines for my back work more than barbell variations. So, I found that if I built a second identical length of cable that I planned for pull-downs/push-downs/face-pulls/curls, I could link them in an N-shape configuration and incorporate seated cable rows! It snow-balled from there. Adding a second pulley to each length, and building a "bridge" section to link the two, would allow me to do simultaneous unilateral work like pull-overs and cross-overs/flies.

Anyway, long story short, I essentially built a replacement for a proper commercial cable station in my squat rack for <$100, including a loading pin. All the other materials were purchased at Home Depot:

3x $7 1/8 braided steel, vinyl-clad cable kits
5x $6 pulleys
4x (buy more!) $3 200# carabiners
~$65 for everything except a 1.9" loading pin, which was $20-25 off amazon

While this contraption may be a distraction for a novice/beginning lifter who needs to primarily get stronger in the core lifts, having the cable row and pull-down at their disposal might prove beneficial. And who doesn't like a good chest pump from some cross-overs? Let's be honest with ourselves, shall we :-)

I hope this helps someone looking for some variation in quarantine. Thanks for stopping by!

Video overview link that should give anyone with half a brain and some hand tools a how-to for construction: