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    Any recommendations for lifting shoes solutions for kids?

    I would love to encourage my kids' school sports teams to train with weights but I imagine that I would get push back from parents on having to buy lifting shoes they will grow out of in a year. Especially if they have to buy other sport equipment. Soccer cleats aren't cheap let alone football or hockey gear.

    For more background my kids school goes from preschool to 12th grade and they do have a "weightlifting class" for sports players, 11th & 12th grade. They also have a gym at the school with at least one power rack and a few upright support benches and some barbells.

    Maybe when I get out of the Marines I will try to take that class over and run SS with the older kids.

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    Well, young kids cannot train, and it's probably not worth getting them squat shoes to practice the movements. Everyone else can just buy shoes from a regular supplier.

    What size shoes are you looking for that you cannot find?
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    Coach Rippetoe classic on the topic (kids' training, not kids' shoes):

    Can You Put Your Kids on a Strength Training Program? | Mark Rippetoe


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