Assembling an SS setup at home Assembling an SS setup at home

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Thread: Assembling an SS setup at home

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    Default Assembling an SS setup at home

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    Hey guys, looking for opinions about the rack, bench and bar.

    Cage - Titanium Strength Heavy Duty 475R Power Cage | Special Offer

    Bench - Marcy Multi-Purpose Bench | SB-228 Quality Strength Products

    Bar (just translate the page to english)- The Bear Powerlifting bar 20KG - מוט אולימפי | סאל ספורט | Sal Sport

    About the bar I'm not sure if this is the same one - OLYMPIC BARBELL TRAINING MAN 20 Kg | BearFitness (R)
    so I just attached the original link just in case...

    [squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.]

    I have some worries about the cage or bench being swingy...
    It all goes into my basement, what do you guys think?


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    I don’t know any of the equipment, however, both bench and rack are out of stock. The bar looks OK, but it has no centre knurl which means heavy squats will be tricky.

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    I am not familiar with any of the above equipment either. My approach was start with my ideal equipment and try to find something that was similar that was in stock at a reasonable cost. For me my baseline was a Rogue RML-390F flat foot Monster lite rack, an E-Coat Ohio Power bar or B & R bar and a Rep FB-5000 competition bench. Since the Titan X-3 has similar specs to the Rogue equivalent model and was $600 shipped, I went with that one. When the OPB became available before the B & R bar, I bought that one. The current version of the Vulcan competition bench is very similar to the Rep one, so I preordered it.

    My choices were based on my own needs and wants and tempered by availability, so my choices will be different than those of others. I would have been happy with a lower version of the rack I purchased, but the better version wasn't much more expensive than the cheaper ones and more importantly was available when I needed it. If I was living in another country, I would decide on what specs I must have and do my best to find the closest equivalent at a reasonable price as I did when I was looking for equipment that could be delivered at a reasonable price to my home in NY.

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    I built my own wooden bench based on this video.

    DIY Bench Press - YouTube

    I think raw materials were about $65. I stained mine as well, so add another $15 or so. I like it better than padded benches because it feels like a more stable platform. If your bench already came in, then don't worry about it, but I think the wood bench is a better use of your money.


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