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Thread: Ironscanner: A web scraper for gym equipment

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    Update to Joe. Your bug fix worked because the emails stopped. Can you be notified for only one item? Like plates? I was getting notifications for bars and racks which I didn't request.

    I gave up on the York Legacy 45's when I realized they were unreliable as a company and the plates would not have the same personal value as the rest of my York milled set from 1968. After I came to my senses I ordered the 45's from The Strength Co. where they are available and I was notified by the Ironscanner.

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    I had good luck getting new bumper plates from Their prices might look a little higher compared to other sites but shipping is free to most states and they're pretty transparent about their rates. 360 bucks for four 45 bumpers shipped from WA to PA.

    P.S. Are you making any of the code open source? It might be cool if enough of the scraper is transparent so that other people could contribute new sites. I made something similar a while back for people to find the cheapest sale prices on groceries and the biggest headache was adding handlers for the additional sites.

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    Onboarded a new vendor today: Vulcan

    Looks like they have some bars and plates available. No idea if they're any good.

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    Added the ability to submit a problems/discrepancies for items on the site. E.g. if the website says a barbell is available when it's not, or if the price or information is not accurate, etc. Just click the "Submit a problem" button on the right side of the list of store items.

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    Added Twitter integration. Tweets will be posted when items become available at this account:

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    Added two new vendors to the scan: XMark and Titan

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