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Thread: enough is enough, when is equipment going to be back in stock?

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    I've managed to finally get all my plates - at least for the next couple years. I got 2pr of 45lb bumpers from Rogue, who have them in stock often lately. And fortunately my local Academy has started getting in sufficient stock of CAP 45lb iron plates I've got 3pr of them at reasonable (but not quite pre-Covid) prices. The bar was what I had the most trouble finding last summer as everyone was backordered, but I came across the Okie Power Bar which I ordered from Rickey Crain's storefront, and thoroughly enjoy it; he might still have some in stock. Replacing my bench was what gave me the second most trouble, but I was fortunate to grab a Rep 5000 last month when they had one in stock. All in all, just be patient and keep watching. I went cheap on my lat pulldown with this unit from Amazon; but since this is really only an aid along with other exercises to get me back up to full unassisted chin-ups and as a supplemental exercise only, I think it'll be fine.

    Only thing I've been putting off getting are fractional plates, and the Micro Gainz, which are $40 over at Amazon look like a good deal. And one day I suspect I'll outgrow my current squat rack, at which point I'll move to a full power rack, but if and when that time comes I hope all this insanity will be passed.

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    I ordered 4 45's and 4 2.5's for 380 bucks shipped last night from vulcan.

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    Canít speak highly enough about my Strength Co 45s (ordered mid-December)

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