Ways to move my gym from India to US? Ways to move my gym from India to US?

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Thread: Ways to move my gym from India to US?

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    Default Ways to move my gym from India to US?

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    Hi! I am an Indian student who will be moving from New Delhi to Salt Lake City, UT for my PhD, this Fall.
    Due to the COVID restrictions, I bought an expensive (~550USD) squat rack, and a (~250USD) barbell to train in my room.
    I know that US is opening up because of the amazing vaccines, but in the future if we have a new virus, it will probably close down again.
    In that event, gyms might be closed down since they are extremely dangerous. I therefore want to move this stuff (if it is cheaper than buying it again), so that my training is not affected.

    So, does anyone here know of shipping services that can move this stuff for cheaper than their market price?
    The weight of these two put together is about 130kg (280Lbs).
    Fedex seems to be crazy expensive, and UPS has halted operations in India.
    Sorry if this is off-topic, but any leads will be much appreciated!

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    In reality it may cost about the same to sell them or just leave them in India and purchase again when you arrive in the US. Another thought is look for someone who is moving from India to the US and piggyback your load onto theirs.

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    Try to find a shipper (like an agency that handles container ship cargo) that adds partial shipments to containers that are not full. It may be less expensive, but very slow (by boat).
    Iíve done this moving stuff home from overseas and it was reasonable.

    Have you asked the college gym what they have?

    Also it may be easier and cheaper to buy here, then sell used when you leave.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks! I am checking on some Facebook student groups if anyone is moving huge quantities..but seems like most aren't.
    Finally, I think if the prices stay almost the same, it is probably just better to buy this again in the US as you suggest. This is just to hedge against the panic that a novel novel coronavirus may potentially create in the future.
    I remember how no one could get any equipment anywhere (even in India) in early 2020.

    Finally, I went through some old news in SLC, and found that Utah apparently didn't shut down gyms. And the university has a decent gym (albeit named "The Core", no kidding), so probably I can just rely on that.


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