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Thread: Home Gym Set Up - Great deal if Interested!

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    Post Home Gym Set Up - Great deal if Interested!

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    Packing up and relocating to the Tacoma WA area in about 10 days and will unfortunately have to part ways with the majority of my home gym pieces in the process.

    I have a solid set up put away in storage that would be a steal for someone in the area if interested as price is wide open for negotiating

    Photos can be provided if interested.

    Here's what's available:

    -Platform (Includes x4 4x8 plywood sheets, x2 4x8 horse stall mats & enough deck screws to tie it all down)
    -Rack (Rogue with J-Cups. Sorry, no safety catches on this one. Chins are possible if you use some ingenuity)
    -Plates (Should be plenty for most mortals):
    Bumpers @ 6x45lb, 2x35lb, 2x25lb
    Metal @ 8x45lb, 2x25lb, 4x10lb, 2x5lb, 2x2.5lb
    -Barbell (Ivanko model. No center knurl but shaft knurl comes in quite a ways and it will hold on the back just fine. Sorry but I'm holding on to my Eleiko for the next hg project)
    -Lock Jaw collars
    -x2 Portable Sorinex dish / plate racks (Have chalk bowls on top of each and you can wheel em around wherever you want)
    -x1 Pair of Ironmind thick handle plate loading dumbbell handles with collars
    -Rubber pulling blocks + Cut pieces for adjusting your pull heights
    -Chalk blocks (99% sure I have some tucked away in there)

    If interested reply to this post.

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    Where is this located?

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    All equipment is in storage in Memphis, TN.
    Pretty sure I have someone there now wanting most of it.


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