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Thread: How do you guys like the plates from The Strength Co?

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    One of the things I really like about them that you won't notice for a while is that the paint is just as adhered today as it was six months ago. The paint on my Rogue machined plates started chipping the first day I had them, and now they look like shit.
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    Yep, what Andrew said.

    We're at 14 months with our set of StrengthCo plates and the only wear is just a bit on the flat side of the primary 45s (first to get put on the bar every training day, last to be taken off). Between my wife and I, they get used pretty much every day, and we aren't gentle with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewLewis View Post
    The Strength Co plates are the best plates I've ever used, and if you have the money, you should buy them.

    The coating is solid, and the smaller inner diameter does actually give it a different feel, and make the experience nicer.
    Agreed. I got ~300 lbs but should have gotten more.

    A few my plates came with a few gashes, but who cares? That's FedEx, and the overall aesthetics are still great. More importantly, they fit to the bar essentially perfectly. I don't need clips, even on my Ohio power bar's silly chrome sleeves. The bar-plate system feels like a single unit.

    I've been lifting with mostly bumpers, so I immediately got a faster squat descent and a more powerful stretch reflex, because I don't have to mind all the long-diameter problems discussed in your article.

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