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    Hello friends, Vancouver Canada here.

    I now have a rack, the fitness reality 810 which I snagged from Walmart.ca for 550.

    I now need a good bench for powerlifting. It would be preferable to do incline, but I guess I could use blocks?


    This bench seems well made and versatile, but some people say the foot bar gets in the way of the feet during bench press. What do you think?

    The benches in my local fitness stores are total trash for 350$.

    Also, I have these J hooks and am looking to replace them or cover them in uhmw tape to protect my bar knurling. Amazon.ca
    Any advice appreciated. Cheers

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    Personally I consider anything with a leg extension on it to be crap.

    Inclines donít do anything a press and regular bench donít but is inferior to both.

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    I prefer a flat bench too. Here is what I have:

    Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 | Rogue Canada

    I find it a tad wide, but I am a small person. My husband loves it (6', 210 lbs).

    Price is in Cdn dollars, it ships to Canada quickly (you pay for shipping), no surprise customs/fees (you pay taxes at checkout based on your province). We got ours within a week (Gatineau, Quebec).

    Eventually we will probably keep the frame but replace the top with a wood surface.
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