Dryer doesn't run while we're in there, and we Crack the garage doors and open fully the back door for as much airflow as possible while training in there.

I've asked our GC if there is any way to vent the garage 24/7, and he had no solution. But I will look into the humidifier.

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Dryer exhaust into your garage is a health hazard. Google can tell you as much as I can. The first thing you should do is to vent your garage to the outside of your house. Really it's worth the effort even if you don't have a $400 barbell. You can get a small dehumidifier for $20-$30. They use almost no electricity. Keep it in your garage running constantly. Empty it whenever you finish lifting.

If you can't do that and your wife won't let you bring it into the house, maybe you can invest in some cute pink gloves to wear and then you don't have to use chalk. (For the humor impaired don't actually try this at home)