I have a pair of gently used Powertec Premium J-Hooks. Photo below, and here's the description from their website: "Our newly improved Premium J-Hooks not only look great on your Powertec Rack, they work great! The hooks are padded to protect your bar and are designed with the perfect angle that you can easily lift off from, while keeping the bar safely in place when racked. FEATURES: - Padded for bar protection - Slightly longer hooks for safety - Angled for a perfect lift off and set down. Fits Powertec Power Racks and Half Racks Only. Not designed for non Powertec products."

They fit my 2x2 (non-Powertec) rack with a bit of extra room, as they size out to a 2.4 x 2.4 rack. I've only used them a handful of times before switching to something that fits better. They're in great shape, and I paid $75 for them. (Current price online: Premium J-Hooks
– Powertec

Asking $65 delivered via USPS flat rate. If interested, please comment to arrange for payment and shipping.