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    I'm in the process of upgrading my home gym to include a set of Strength Co. plates. I've been selling off my older sets and equipment to fund these improvements.

    Last to go is a full set of vintage Ferrigno plates. I thought I'd turn to the forum to get feedback on the following questions...

    - Should I expect any novelty or nostalgic value? Or will the resale market sit around any other bulk used plate sets? Any suggestions as to what that $/lb. might be?
    - Is there any collectable value to them? They're in original condition (visibly worn but in good shape), but could be refreshed or painted if it doesn't detract from their value.
    - Anyone here interested in them? Would be great to give them a good home, especially if you want to help get me into a TSC set!

    Thanks in advance.

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    An image search turns up what look to be both standard and exercise plates with his name on them - are these 1" or 2"?

    Where are you?

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    Why not just keep them? At least the 45's and 25's and gradually add the Strength Co. plates (outstanding plates, btw).
    If the diameter is close it would save some money at least for deadlift poundages.

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    They're 2 in plates. I could certainly keep them, but all but the 45s would be redundant. I also have a few more pairs of 45s in iron/bumper. If I could flip the Ferrignos into a good portion of a TSC set, especially with their black Friday discount, it might be too good to pass up. Depends on what I can get for them, of course.

    I'm in the PA/NJ/NY area.


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