Watch yourself in real-time with FPV goggles? Watch yourself in real-time with FPV goggles?

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Thread: Watch yourself in real-time with FPV goggles?

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    Default Watch yourself in real-time with FPV goggles?

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    Has anyone tried watching themselves lifting in real-time using a drone-style "FPV" camera transmitting to goggles?

    The camera could be placed where a coach would stand and the goggles would make the video independent of where you point your face.

    I am wondering if that's a game-changing way to be your own coach, making corrections on the fly, or if it's a silly dangerous distraction.

    Love to hear if anyone has tried it. I attach screenshots of the hardware I mean, the kind of stuff you'd get for $70 from a hobby electronics supplier like AliExpress.
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    Silly, dangerous distraction

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    Goggles make you look stupid. Unless you are Chris Sabo.

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    While I understand the initial attraction, particularly for, say, hitting squat depth, I would have severe reservations. Given the vital role of proper gaze during the lifts, just imagine what this would do to the lifter's balance...

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    Part of the thing you are training during the lifts is proprioceptive feedback: the ability to know where your body is and in what position. Your vision is a much more powerful tool for directing your movements: humans are after all, predators, optimized in many ways towards getting our body to move towards and interact with something we see. If you allow your lifts to be dictated by what you see, it will be almost impossible to hone your proprioception to take over, which means a crucial element of strength training is removed completely. This is just a mirror with extra steps. Just as distracting, just as bad for training

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    There is a reason we look at a fixed position on the floor or the wall or the ceiling when we do these movements.

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