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Thread: Opinions on the Titan Marrs Bar

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    We’d love to see pictures.

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    There doesn't seem to be much love for the Buffalo bar around here? After struggling for about a year or so at home trying a straight bar, getting pain and going back to the safety squat bar several times, I had the opportunity to try out a Buffalo bar last weekend at Brussels Barbell (thanks, Steve!).

    It allows for normal low bar back squat mechanics according to the book. The only difference is that the curve of the bar allows a grip that puts less pressure on your arms and elbows, which helps if stiffness prevents you from getting a safe grip.

    What I like most is that the grip and squat mechanics are similar to a straight bar, which means you can squat just as heavy as a normal bar. It should hopefully also make it easier to graduate to a straight bar eventually. I intend to get one for my home gym, make my grip smaller over time and then switch back to a straight bar. And if that doesn't pan out, I'm fine just settling on the buffalo bar, with the knowledge that this is as close as it gets to the regular squat in all the ways that matter.

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    Sure lets see if these links work:

    IMG-0500 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
    IMG-0494 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
    IMG-0493 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
    IMG-0491 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
    IMG-0490 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

    So I actually used 3/4 pieces for the arms but the Tee is 1-1-3/4. You could use 1-1-1 if you want added strength. A tiny bit of filing the inner threads allowed the Tee to slide onto the 29mm bar from bells of steel reasonably easy after I took off the bar sleeves. A bit of trial and error with the lengths of pipe for the arms allowed me to fine tune the correct size for my shoulders. The arms are now held in place to the bar with my shitty welding skills, but originally I just used gear clamps to keep them from sliding away from my shoulders. The bar can roll and the arms are ambidextrous with the clamps but it doesnt make much of a difference. So far Ive done 405lbs for a set of 5 and it has held up. I have a shitty SSB bar that Im going to attempt to modify and utilize solid steel handles that I will radius out using some forging methods.

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